Basic Eyeshadow Techniques!

As all the face techniques in my ‘Makeup 101’ series have been covered, next is onto different how to accomplish the perfect eye look, starting specifically everything to do with eyeshadow.

There are a few basic techniques that will offer you a world of amazing eye looks to play with.

If your sticking with one shade, then you can simply just brush it over your lid and this will work well. You can then expand this look by adding a hue of a darker colour throughout the crease. You can also apply a shimmering vibe along your lower lashline to make your eyes look illuminated and more awake, perfect for those monday mornings when the dark circles are most prominent!


If your using two shades and need a more natural look, you can apply a shade that mimics your natural skin tone across your lower lids. Then dab a dot of darker eyeshadow, preferably one shade darker, into the outside corner of your eyes and blend for depth.

Matte eyeshadows are perfect for the day time and then you can add a bit of sparkle if your going out into the buzz of the night time.

The key is to blend, blend and BLEND!

What is your favourite eyeshadow palette?

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