Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations!


This morning whilst at work, little did I know that my Superdrug delivery had finally arrived! When I found it at home I was so excited because I ordered some ‘Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspiration’ products. I have tried a few of her original products but never tried the ‘Tutti Fruity’ because fruit scents aren’t my favourite. However when she released these I was over joyed as sweet scents are gorgeous. As like Zoe has said in her videos, I agree with her when saying I dislike too sweet scents but these are just right.


I didn’t order everything but I got three of the products which I thought I would use the most. I got the:

Sugar Dip – Scented Bath Salt Granules

Bath Latte – Bath & Shower Milk

And of course the classic…. Sweet Inspirations Fragranced Body Mist

The sugar dip makes the bath smell sweet and girly. You can either put them in under the running water or let them dissolve into the bath water after to ensure the smell turns your bath water into a luxurious heaven! The bath latte is effectively bubble bath which you put it whilst the water is running. It is less sweeter than the other products but is subtle and not too over powering which I think is good because sometimes when scents are too strong it can cause headaches. Finally I couldn’t get some Zoella Beauty products without getting the Sweet Inspirations Body Mist. AND HOLY MOLY THIS IS INSANE!! It literally smells so good! It has a strong hint of vanilla and a whiff of almonds. If you love patisserie like me it will remind you just of that!



I do love Zoella’s products because they are really well made and are reasonably priced for what you get. I am definetly going to be purchasing some more. Also at the end of September she is releasing a Christmas range which are gingerbread scented… I think my dreams have come true!! Let me know if you want me to blog about those when they come out!

Also I hope you enjoyed the ‘Makeup 101’ series I did. I have decided to end it there as it was getting quite long and tedious. If you haven’t read all of them then you can find the here.

Have you tried any of the Sweet Inspiration products?

Emily Clare

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