Back To School Emergency Kit! (For Girls)

It is that joyful time of the year where numerous students prepare to go back to the dreaded school after a luxurious and long break. However to make the transition more bearable I have put together what I think is a literal survival kit for us lovely ladies out there. Whether you are going back to school, college or university this is something we all need!


Most importantly you need a suitable sized beauty bag to put all of these items in, because it just makes everything so much more easy to find in your bag. But if you have a small bag or want to save room then I recommend the Zoella Beauty ‘LIFE IS SWEET’ beauty bag. Personally I do not own this but I have seen it in store and it is the perfect size for a school bag. It is big enough to fit in the essentials but not too big that it will be taking over your bag. It is also gorgeous and girly and very stylish.


Firstly I recommend keeping a small can of deodorant. Of all the places to take a tiny can with you, school is one of the most important because you can keep yourself smelling fresh throughout the day, especially if the weather is hot or the class rooms are stuffy.

My next thing is lip balm. I use lip balm at school so much because the air conditioning can really dry out my lips. I especially like tinted ones as it can add a little colour to your face and its just really nice.

The third emergency kit essential is little paracetamols or ibuprofen. These you can keep if you ed up having an icky tummy  or the dreaded mother nature has hit you. Just keep them in your bag, but only about four because they can take up room.

Whilst on the topic of periods I HIGHLY recommend having a spare pad and/or tampon, depending on preference. I like to keep one of the really big ones just in case I start at school or I have forgotten to pick some up that morning… The amount of times I have done that and regretted it is ridiculous… DON’T DO IT! Hahah! Obviously you will need more when you are actually on your period but these are good for an emergency.

 I honestly don’t keep many makeup items in my bag at school because doing your makeup again at school takes time. I have actually only just started putting makeup in my bag but I keep it VERY minimal. But a powder should definitely be kept in your bag just in case you get a little sweaty or whether your makeup has slightly rubbed off. Then obviously to go with it I keep a small fluffy brush which I can use to even out my foundation or apply a bit of powder.

I also keep concealer in my bag, just in case I have major break out drama through out the day. To save space though I will you my fingers to blend it in rather than a brush… But if you do this make sure to wash your hands before hand so you don’t add any more germs on your face! I store a tiny mirror in my bag as well just in case I can’t find a mirror anywhere.

Speak of the little devils… school is filled with germs and yucky stuff so it is best if you carry a small hand sanitizer with you so you can minimize risk of picking up an coughs or colds. However hand sanitizer can sometimes dry out your hands so I also take with me a hand cream to stop this.

At the bottom of my makeup bag I keep loose change with me. You never know whether you might need money for food or a bus home so this way you will never have to panic!

This last one can vary depending on what school you go to. Chewing gum is a good way to keep your breath smelling nice throughout the day and is scientifically proven to make your brain work better however some schools don’t allow it, so just check your school rules first!

I hope this has helped you!

Do you have an emergency school kit?

Emily Clare

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