Sponge or Brushes?

The great debate of the makeup world is whether sponges or brushes are best. Now don’t get me wrong, it all comes down to a matter of opinion but if you don’t know then it may seem a bit confusing as to which is best.



Makeup sponges are most commonly used for foundation and concealer application because they are cleverly shaped to reach all the nooks and crannys of your face e.g your nose and under the eye. Where as brushes can come in different thicknesses and they are much more versatile, for example I sometimes use an eyeliner brush to do my eyebrows.

How do you use them though?

Well a makeup sponge is best when damp/wet because it helps blend the foundation or concealer into the skin to give an even coverage. But a brush is… well… a brush. It is most likely common knowledge how to use one (Ha Ha!) but if I were using a brush to blend in my foundation I would put the foundation in streaks on my face and the blend.

Which do I prefer?

I always use a makeup sponge for my foundation and concealer because it doesn’t leave any marks on your face unlike brushes which can leave streaks. I also like sponges because like I said before it can get into the corners of your face without any struggle.


Makeup sponges do have to be replaced when they get dirty. This is because the absorb the products and the water when you go to clean them so you will never get the spotlessly clean. Where as with makeup brushes you can wash them time after time with hot water and some shampoo, saves money and time.

How do you know which is best for you?

Trial and error is basically the best way to choose which you prefer. I sometimes even go back to brushes every now and then, it just depends on your skin type and what foundation you use for example cheaper foundations seem to be more streaky. Start with a cheap version or both and work your way up from there.

Sponges come in all different shapes, large tear drop looking ones or ones on a brush. Also brushes come in different variations for example a stippling brush, flat brush etc..

What do you prefer?

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