Autumn Shoe Trends!

I always feel like shoes are underestimated. When you see London Fashion Week all eyes are on the clothes but shoes finish off the outfit. I am a shoe lover and I am going to let you know what shoes you need to get to keep up with the latest trends.


Following the sport wear trend of course that means trainers are going to be fashionable. Whether you get Nike, Adidas or simply Primark trainers (like mine… Ha Ha!) they are super comfortable for work and school and come in all different colours. Specifically contrasts like black and whit are stylish because not only do they go with every outfit but they also look modern.


Like last year, making a return is ankle boots. I own Chelsea Boots which have a cute little buckle. They are good for rainy days and are well matched with skinny jeans. They can come in different colours, most commonly black or tan, but it is a must that you can’t wear baggy jeans with them or you will equal DISASTER!


 Just look how gorgeous these rose gold shoes are! Yes, the rose gold jewellery phase as taken a toll and has now started rose gold shoes. I got these from Primark and I am in love. They look very cute and tumblr and if your looking for playful shoes then these are a must have.


Now I am just chucking these shoes in for the fact that I love them. I was going to shoes some black stilettos but I thought that in autumn most colours are dull and dreary, so why not a pop of pink! Chunky wedges will always look trendy and are perfect for a night out. My ones are super comfy and have an ankle strap for extra support.

p.s sorry for my feet! ew!

What shoes have you been loving?

Emily Clare

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