Purple Lipstick?!

Being one of those people who is a nude lipstick lover, sometimes venturing to a different colour, especially when its purple, is a little daring. However I got sent a lilac lipstick by Barry M by my Aunt who is a makeup artist. It is Barry M’s Matte Lip Paint in Palest Lavender.


Purple or lilac lipstick is quite bold to say the least, but we all have a bit of daring in us and why not go against the stereotypical lipstick colours and where unusual colours?! Purple lipstick best matches paler skin with a yellow undertone, but if you don’t have that skin tone then don’t let it put your off.


Specifically the Barry M lipstick I have is very creamy. It is quite a thick consistence and doesn’t have the matte-ness (if thats a word?!) that I feel other matte lipsticks I have tried do. As it is thick I would say layering it is hard. However the lush lavender colour is a god shade to go for if you don’t want to fully out there with a bright purple. Think of it as a good way to easy yourself in!

You can wear purple lipstick whatever time of the year but I think it would look awesome around Halloween and super cute around spring time.

If you end up purchasing a purple lipstick but decided you don’t like it then you can double it up as a cream eyeshadow. Not only will your eyeshadow look super professional because it will be highly pigmented but it will also make sure you don’t waste your money.

Find the Barry M Matte Lip Paint in Palest Lavender here.

Have you ever tried a purple lipstick?

Emily Clare

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