The Happiness Planner Update!

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So as requested when I did my first post about my Happiness Planner (you can find the post here) I am doing a small update on how it is going, how I am finding it and what it is like. I have to emit that I haven’t really stuck to for a certain reason but now I am back and using it because I realised it was such a waste not to use it.


I still think that the look of it is so gorgeous and very chic. I don’t know about you but the whole look of it just makes me happy! I adore the pink and gold theme. However if your not a fan of pink then it also comes in a teal and gold version which is just as pretty. I did fill out most of June and then skipped July and August but I am in the process of filling in what I missed and I have started back in September. I do actually feel like it helps to make you happier. It is all positive inside; positive quotes, asks you things that are look forward to tomorrow etc. I fill it in just before I go to bed because then I can reflect on all the good things and shut out the bad vibes from the day and then I can go to bed on a high note. Not only does this make me forget all the bad things but it also makes me relaxed and not have to worry about anything when I am meant to be sleeping! It also helps you get healthier because you can track what exercises you  do and what you eat. I like at the beginning f the month that you can set challenges and then at the end of the month you can reflect on whether you have completed them. Even though it can be pricey it is such a good planner because you can manage your life whilst making your self feel better. Also as the winter approaches and Christmas is looming it is  great idea to put it on your Christmas wishlist if you can’t afford it. It is a brilliant present idea!

You can find The Happiness Planner here.

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