Primark False Nails?!

I thought that because I’m not working until two weeks time and because when your in sixth form they don’t care about nail polish, that I would put some false nails on. I normally use the clear elegant touch nails and then paint them myself but whilst I was in Primark I decided to pick up some of their false nails and try them out. I have tried some Primark false nails before, but it was when they first bought them out and they weren’t brilliant. I also think I was too young to realise how to put them on properly. However now I am fairly experienced at apply different types of false nails I gave it a second go.


The nails I picked up are what I would call a dirty blue colour. Slightly darker than a pale blue and have a matte appearance to the eye (they look shiny on camera but that was from the light). They are an almond shape and are quite long, I wouldn’t go any longer as its hard enough to type on my keyboard as it is! They come in a pack of twenty four with a small tube of nail glue. If I am being picky I would say that there isn’t the biggest variety of sizes however they are very cheap so you wouldn’t necessarily expect that.


The glue isn’t the strongest, and I have two nails pop off but not just for no reason haha! It takes some force but it wouldn’t happen if you had acrylics. However I have had some many compliments on my nails in the past two days and when I tell people that they are from Primark they can’t believe it. Against all the negatives like the fact that some of the ends are slightly chipped, they were only one pound! ONE POUND! £1! They are so cheap that it would be ridiculous not to at least try them. Never mind spending £40 on acrylics! If you need them for a one night thing etc… they are perfect. They come in different shapes, colours and patterns and they even have Christmas ones too!

Have you used these before?

Emily Clare

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