Mac Pigment Dupe?!

Pigments are one of those products are what I feel is a ‘Do I? Don’t I?’ product. Like I want to use them but you have to purchase a really good quality pigment to make them look good. By this I mean that I have tried many cheaper pigments and they haven’t been very good because they aren’t vibrant or they smudge everywhere and the fall off is insane. But always the best quality pigments are really expensive, or expensive enough to spend all your pocket money on one. However… I have found, tested and approved of a pigment which I think is a really good dupe for the slightly more expensive ‘Mac Pigment in Fuchsia‘. I have chosen to feature the gorgeous ‘Mac Pigment in Fuchsia‘ because it is one of my favourite high end pigments, simply because it is a beautiful hot pink and I love pink! And drum roll please …. (drummmm rolllllllllllll) …. The pigment which I think matches this is the amazing ‘Barry M Dazzle Dust in 58 Candy Pink‘.


I know that the colours are way off but they are both pink, they are both sparkly but I also matched them for other reasons. The Mac pigment is very fine, almost looks like glitter in the pot and so does the Barry M one. I have found that some other pigments and be thicker and most lumpy which will cause more fall off and less application, but these aren’t. I would say the Barry M has more fall off and is more streaky than the Mac but that is sort of expected. However I indeed found that the Barry M pigment was easier to apply. That did surprise me. But you get more product with the Mac pigment than the Barry M.

The Mac pigment costs a whopping £16.00 and the Barry M pigment costs £4.59. It really depends how much you are willing to spend on the product.

Find the Mac Pigment in Fuchsia here.

Find the Barry M Dazzle Dusts here.

Have you ever tried using a pigment?

Emily Clare

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16 thoughts on “Mac Pigment Dupe?!

  1. Love this! I’ve always wanted the Mac pigment in Old Gold, just can’t bring myself to spend that much! do you know any dupes? I’d love it if you could get out my blog, 💕✨

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