My Favourite Red Lipstick!


I was debating whether to include this in my next favourites post (coming soon….) but I decided to make an entire post dedicated towards this lipstick. I love red lipstick. I am a huge fan and I am always going through different types and colours. Believe it or not it isn’t just as simply as going ‘I want a red lipstick’. You can get glossy, matte, dark red or more orangey red lipsticks, you get the idea. But because I have gone through so many I now know what I feel is best for my skin colour and is just what I prefer.

My favourite red lipstick is ‘Avon Matt Lipstick in M’Schino‘. This is a gorgeous deep red shade which is matte. If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I am more of a matte lipstick person than a glossy liquid person so this lipstick is right up my street. It is super super SUPER pigmented and only needs one coat to look good. I apply it with a lipstick brush because like any red lipsticks, if you go wrong it is super hard to get off again without removing all of your makeup on the bottom half of your face! Take that on board that if you apply a red lipstick, use a lipstick brush! But yes it is very pigmented, doesn’t come off when you eat and for some reason makes my lips look super plump and ‘Kylie Jenner like’. It is slightly thick but most matte lipsticks are.

Unfortunately Avon don’t sell this lipstick any more as I got this a long while ago and Avon update their stock quite regularly. But I will link a similar Avon lipstick for you.

Find a similar lipstick here.

What is your favourite red lipstick?

Emily Clare

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