Rugby, Beach & Fish ‘n’ Chips!


Today I thought I would do a different type of blog. I haven’t had a lot of time today to do a proper blog post but I still wanted to put something up for you, so whilst I was out today I took some (horrific) photos on my phone to do a ‘follow me around’ style blog post. This morning I went to watch my brother play rugby, fortunately the won 70-0! But as it was such a lovely day we decided to go to the sea front for a spot of fish and chips. How British! We also stopped off at some the the arcades on the way back. I have only been to an arcade one or twice so we all found it rather exciting, but unluckily we didn’t win anything on the grab machine. Those things are jinxed I swear! Anyway I had a really good day, and the weather was amazing considering it is now October.

If you were wondering about my outfit:

Faye Loop Neck Top from Boohoo

MOTO Jamie Jeans from Topshop

Sleeveless Jacket from Primark

There will be a proper blog post tomorrow… (hint: it involves lush!!)

What did you do this weekend?

Emily Clare

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