Lush Autumn Leaves Bath Bomb Review!


If you read my Lush Halloween Haul then you would have seen a bath bomb called ‘Autumn Leaves’. I was really excited to pick this bath bomb up because it is a new edition to the Lush Halloween collection. I wanted to do a review because if you love Lush items like me then it excites me to even read about new products they have brought out! I love having a bath this time of year because it is getting colder, nights are pulling in and it just gets me feeling more festive and craving the cold days. Don’t get me wrong I love summer and going to the beach to sun bathe but I think Autumn/Winter is my favourite time of the year.

I picked Autumn Leaves for my bath last night as I felt it would go perfectly for when its dark outside and the leaves are falling off the tree. And it was. it smelt very fresh, literally like leaves but with a hint of citrus in it. It was a slow fizzer, rather than some of them which can be quite fast and disappear with in seconds. The colours created definitely represented Autumn; with all the reds, yellow and green hues, just like all the leaves that are slowing falling off the trees. It turned the bath an orange colour, which to my joy didn’t stain the bath which some bath bombs have tendency to do…

I loved this bath bomb because I don’t feel like Lush have ever made a bath bomb like this before and it is super relaxing.

Find the bath bomb here.

I have just bought all the Lush Christmas items!! So if you would like to see what I got let e know in the comments. Also if there are specific bath bombs or bubble bars from Lush you want me to review then let me know too.

I have made my blog look like Halloween has struck! Hope you like it!!

Emily Clare

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