Mac False Lashes Extreme Black



False Lashes Extreme Black by Mac – £19.00

I am very particular about what mascaras I use. I don’t like all the fuss of different shaped wands which supposedly makes applying it either, but if your like me and it doesn’t, then it just makes it ten times harder! Like its already scary enough put something very close to your eye which you could potential blink at the wrong time and then it gets messed up. I think my worse case scenario in that situation is if I sneeze when applying it! Please don’t say I am the only on who has done that before?! Anyway my old Barry M mascara, which I got at the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham, ran out and was then discontinued. I was heart broken. But because it was so good I wanted to get one to match it. That’s why I went with the Mac False Lashes in Extreme Black. I had been interested in just trying out a Mac mascara to see if it was as good as their other products. I am a big fan of Mac products, even though they are higher end so are more expensive than other brands. This a a mousse mascara, meaning that its consistency is thick but not thick as in gel like but its pretty much the same as any other mascara.

But why do I like this mascara so much? Firstly its because of the bristles. They are thick and very dense meaning that their will be very little clumping of the actual product on the eye lash. It feels like it grabs every single eye lash to make sure you get an even application. I prefer a voluminous mascara because I don’t like using an eye lash curler. It just freaks me out and then I start blinking and then it all goes wrong… So I like a mascara that helps me achieve the look I would with an eye lash curler. I feel like this mascara does just this. Even though its not specifically a voluminous mascara, it does give that ‘false lash’ effect. It really makes my lashes curl and is not clumpy, making them look natural. I always prefer black mascaras, because even though brown is more natural, it doesn’t match my hair very well. I only apply one coat because I feel that is enough, but if you want more volume and more product then you can apply multiple coats.

I would highly recommend this mascara to anyone who wants a natural curl, amazing volume and a non clumpy mascara look. Yes it is on the pricier side at £19.00 but why not treat yourself!

Have you tried this product? If not what mascara are you loving at the moment?

Emily Clare

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