Fake Kylie Lip Kits



Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit:


Candy K

Dolce K

After scrolling through the depths of YouTube I came across lots of different videos comparing real Kylie Lip Kits to fake ones. And I was like ‘Whatttttt?’. I had no idea there were even pack ones available. I, unfortunately am not one of those lucky people to own a real Kylie Lip Kit however, I thought I would purchase a fake one and see what they were like. I didn’t just buy one though, ohhhh noooo, I brought three. Exposed, Dolce K and Candy K. I went on to Ali Express and tried to find the best seller of fake Kylie Lip Kits. There are absolutely loads of sellers and it actually blew my mind away. However they are dirt cheaper. I paid £8.97 for three Lip Kits and it had free shipping. However like most fake Lip Kits they came from Singapore and took two months to arrive! TWO MONTHS! I mean people were saying it took a month but I was slightly disappointed that it took double the time. On the otherside Ali Express were really good on updating me about where my package was around the world.

My first impression was a little disappointed because the Exposed kit was damaged on the corner and the lips were a different colour than the other two lips. But on the other hand the teeth on the other two were gold not silver. I know for a fact that on the real Lip Kits the teeth are a holographic silver so that is how you can tell that they are fake. Also I think (from looking at photos) that the colour on the boxes representing the lip colour were darker than the actual shade on the real Lip Kits, especially on Candy K. Opening them up was also disappointing because the Exposed had a different shaped bottle to the other two. It was thinner, the writing wasn’t as bold and slightly scratched but then again it looked ore realistic than the other two. The lip pencil in the Exposed kit was broken though! BROKEN! Hence why my swatches are diabolical (swatches go Candy K, Exposed, Dolce K). Then when I went to swatch Candy K the lip pencil also broke! I almost cried!

The liquid lipstick itself was OK. It smelt like vanilla cake, which isn’t them same as the original Lip Kit which supposedly smells like chocolate, but it doesn’t smell like chemical like some do. They are very pigmented though and dry relatively quickly. However… I feel like there is always a however… THEY WOULDN’T COME OFF! I had to scrub my arm super hard. So I am a little weary of putting them on my lips. I can’t compare colours to the actual ones considering I don’t own one but apparently they are quite similar however these look more pink than I was expecting.

But they are very cheap. Would I use them? I don’t know to be honest. I may try and swatch them again and see what happens.

There is a warning though for buying the fake Kylie Lip Kits. Please be very careful because you don’t necessarily know who you are buying from, what they put in their products or what they are like. I did my research into it and it still went slightly wrong for me, however I have heard of people saying they were really good.

I will link the real Kylie Lip Kits above rather than the fake ones because if I were to by another it would be the real ones.

Have you got a fake or real Kylie Lip Kit?

Emily Clare

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12 thoughts on “Fake Kylie Lip Kits

    1. I don’t think we can get colourpop in the UK unless we pay a fortune for shipping, but I thought as I have done similar to that before I would do this, and plus I have seen YouTubers do this stuff with fake ones.


      1. Oh is that true? That’s poop!
        I wouldn’t put the fake stuff anywhere near my face, specially as they just copy the ingredients printed on packaging but it’s not essentially what’s in them D:

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      2. Yeah I understand what you mean because I was extremely cautious with it. I swatched it several times on the back of my hand to make sure there as no irritation but you do indeed have to be very careful with fake products!

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  1. You have to be so careful with fake makeup! They don’t show the true ingredients and as they are not regulated they can contain anything. In the past fake MAC lipsticks and fake younique mascaras have contained antifreeze and other horrible chemicals. It even resulted in people developing ulcers and sever infections, you could really damage yourself!

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  2. I have a fake metallic one which is really crap – it’s not metallic at all haha. I’ve just ordered a fake Ginger and Dirty Peach to see if the ‘normal’ ones are any better. :3

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  3. I personally don’t want to buy either, but if I was to do so, I think I’d spend the extra dollars on a real kit! Even though they’re a lot more expensive, the quality must be so much better!

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