Lush Christmas 2016 Splurge


Snowie – Bubble Bar

So White – Bath Bomb

Golden Wonder – Bath Bomb

The Christmas Penguin – Bubble Bar

Shoot For The Stars – Bath Bomb

Magic Of Christmas – Reusable Bubble Bar

Father Christmas – Bath Bomb

Mistletoe – Bath Bomb

Candy Mountain – Bubble Bar

Luxury Lush Pud – Bath Bomb

Northern Lights – Bath Bomb

As promised I have for you the amazing… Lush Christmas Haul. I have been dying to do this post ever since I got the products last week but as I have done quite a few blog posts about Lush lately, I thought I would hold off a few days. I didn’t actually get every single product from the Christmas range because one I didn’t like the smell of some of the products and two I couldn’t afford to get any more! My bank account is hurting as it is from my Lush Halloween Haul! I apologise for the awful photos, the sun was being temperamental but I have ordered some lighting to make them better. Anyway, I got 11 products in total, being a mixture of bath bombs or bubble bars. I have tried their other product like shampoo, shower gels or creams but I have so much of that still that it would have been a bit silly to buy more. There is no order to this but enjoy!

Firstly I picked up the ever so cute Snowie Bubble Bar in memory of the amazing David Bowie. I literally just picked it up because it was so cute. It smells quite manly if you ask me however it has a zesty scent to it too. As this is a bubble bar I reckon you could probably get two uses out of it.

Second is the So White Bath Bomb. This is one of Lush’s classic bath bombs which comes out year after year but this year they have revamped the look of it, adding a leave to represent the apple scent. It smells of apple cider but it is not a strong scent. I think this is the best So White has looked and I can’t wait to use it.

I think the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb is my FAVOURITE EVER bath bomb from Lush. I may so that about a lot of products but I mean it with this one. I remember when I was about 13, going into Lush around December time with my Mum for the very first time in my life. She let me pick one product to get and I picked Golden Wonder. Little did my Mum know she started me off with an obsession for Lush! Ha ha! The bath bomb is huge, much bigger than the normal bath bombs and smells so nice. If you were to pick one for Christmas I recommend you getting this one!

I couldn’t come away from Lush without buying The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar. It is just so cute. It just looks so sorry for itself that it would have been cruel not to give it a home! He is very sweet and smells of lemon if I had to pin point it. However mine is starting to crumble to I may have to use him soon!

Apart from Golden Wonder, if I say name another classic Christmas bath bomb from Lush I bet you would say the Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb. This has also had a major revamp this year and has change completely, but I love it! This smells of a mixture of honey, orange and coconut and smells more Christmasy than some of the other bath bombs. I think the gold stars in the top are bath melts so I can’t wait to feel how soft it will leave my skin!

I didn’t take photos of the rest but I will still say what else I got like I did for the others. So I also got the Magic Of Christmas Reusable Bubble Bar. In my opinion this looks the most Christmasy product of them all and if you had to do a secret santa at work or school then this would be a great idea. However it is a scent for only some people. It smells so much like nutmeg crossed with a bakewell tart. It is not my favourite scent but I feel like it is very Christmasy. They say by whirling it around in your bath you can get 5-6 uses out of it, however this doesn’t get the most out of your product. If you want the maximum amount of bubbles then I recommend using it as a normal bubble bar.

Next is the Father Christmas bath bomb. This has been out year after year and smells like Christmas. I am now starting to smell just one thing as I have them all just sat next to me, hence why I keep saying they smell like Christmas! This is a more floral scent, rather than the citrus trend that most of the products in this years range have been smelling like. I have never used this one before so I am excited to try it!

A new edition to the Christmas Lush family is the Mistletoe Bath Bomb. For all you lovers out there then this is perfect for you! It is VERY strong smelling. It is floraly and smells a bit like perfume if I’m honest. I love how it is decorated, with mistletoe wrapped around the top.

The last bubble bar I got was the ever so sweet Candy Mountain. This is sickly sweet so if you don’t like sweet things then don’t go for this one. It is sister to the Snow Fairy scent, and actually remind me of candyfloss. It makes me feel like a right girly girl when using it and I am sure I will be purchasing more over the winter!

Next on my list of bath bombs is the oldie but goldie, the Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb. This gives your bath  a spectacular display of colours. The scent is hard to describe but I guess it has a spicy but vanillary smell with hints of lavender. Because it has lavender in it, it will be really good to use before you go to bed as it will help you get a good nights sleep! I never used to like this smell but I love it now!

And finally last but by no means least Lush have finally brought back the Northern Lights Bath Bomb. you have no idea how happy I am about this. I used this back in 2014 but they never bought it back the year after and I was devastated because I loved it. but it has made a return, with a little revamp too. It is shorter but thicker than before. I have seen from videos that it makes such an amazing scene in your bath and I think this will be perfect to use around bonfires night!

You have no idea how long it has taken to me to write this post so if you have read all the way down here I congratulate you massively! I am so happy i have been able to share this with you so let me know what your favourite Lush Christmas product is!

Emily Clare

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