Autumn Makeup


Mineralize Eye Shadow Quad in Golden Hours – Mac

Pearl Eyeshadow in Golden – MUA

Match Made Stay Perfect Lipstick in Gay Geranium – No7

Soft Matte Lip Cream in Budapest – NYX

Colour Sensational Lipstick in 757 Naked Brown – Maybelline

False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara in Brown – Max Factor

I tend to find that I stick to the same makeup products throughout different seasons. I don’t mean all the time but like colours of eye shadows or lipstick shades. I personally would opt for a darker lip or orange lip in Autumn rather than a baby pink, I save that for Spring! With all this in mind I thought I would share to you a few products that I am very likely to reach for this Autumn.

I feel like Autumn is perfect for copper, gold or brown smokey eyes. Its not too heavy on your eyes and suits every eye colour. I like the Mac Mineralize Eye Shadow Quad in Golden Hours because not only do you have four eye shadows in one, they are all shimmery eyeshadows. I feel like nowadays all the eyeshadows I wear are matte, so its nice to shake it up a bit. They are ultra light weight shadows and this does mean that you feel like your eyes aren’t heavy but they aren’t as pigmented as you would expected Mac products to be. But saying this all four colours make a gorgeous smokey eye. Another eye shadow I have been loving is the MUA gold Pearl Eyeshadow. It is a darker gold than the one in the Mac Quad but is really pigmented. It is also only £1 which if you ask me is a bloody bargain!

Sticking to the all eye look, in Autumn it is nice to wear a brown mascara like the Maybelline one I have. It is nice and natural and matches those smokey eyes. I also prefer to wear waterproof mascaras because you never know when you might break into a cry laugh!!

I feel makeup wise, the most exciting part in an Autumn makeup look is the lipstick. I personally feel like Autumn is the most acceptable month to wear dark lipsticks without people looking you like ‘well that is daring!’. I am actually jealous of people that can get away with wearing dark lips any time of the year! The two dark lips I dive for in Autumn is the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream and the Maybelline Colour Sensational 757. The NYX is a liquid lipstick which is more of a pinky/berry dark lip and is good to get if your new to dark lip sticks as it isn’t as daring as some other ones. However I find the Maybelline lipstick stays on much more longer than the liquid lipstick but is much darker. I love a dark lip but you can’t wear it 24/7 so I also like to use the No7 Gay Geranium lipstick which is a vibrant orange colour. It just reminds me of pumpkins, Halloween and the leaves that are currently falling off the trees…. URGH I LOVE AUTUMN!

What Autumn makeup products have you been loving?

Emily Clare

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