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Ciate London Corrupted Neon Manicure Club Cabana

I do like to have my nails painted most of the time. Especially my toe nails which I can’t stand the look of when they are ‘bare’ i.e with no nail polish on. I have a VERY extensive nail polish collection but I will probably not do a blog post on that as they are so many it would take me years! A nail polish brand I do own a lot of though is Ciate London Nail Polish. I have quite a few of their nail polishes, including minis and different sets. The nail polish I am wearing at this very moment though is a Ciate Nail Polish called Cha Cha Cha from the Neon Manicure Club Cabana set. The set comes with this neon orange nail polish, neon orange nail glitter and a UV enhanced top coat. It all sounds rather glamorous and complicated but in other words you paint the orange on all your nails, add the glitter to your ring fingers, and then top all of them with the UV top coat which will make them glow in UV light. Just like when you wear a white t shirt under UV light.

When applying the nail polish I skipped out the glitter and UV top coat as I was in a hurry, but I thought I would review the nail polish and Ciate nail polishes as a whole. Out of all the Ciate nail polishes they all have a similar property. They are no long wearing. The solution of the nail polish is very thin, which makes them dry super fast, but this makes them prone to chipping. The colour I have on currently lasted two days before it started chipping. However they are very pigmented. In other words all the colours come out vibrant and opaque. As I mentioned they do dry really quickly so if your wanting to do your nails on the move or quickly then Ciate is a good brand to go for. Price wise Ciate are not the cheapest nail polish and for the quality I thought they would be a little cheaper. But they do really good set deals, especially leading up for Christmas, so if you are looking for a product to put on your wish list or boys if you need to get your Mrs something then I would recommend this.

Ciate do a load of luxurious colours as well and the choice feels infinite but who doesn’t love that?!

Have you ever tried Ciate Nail Polishes?

Emily Clare

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