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I was taking inspiration from Zoella’s WHSmith Book Club and I thought that I have read some really good books in the past and even though my blog is a beauty blog, I wanted to share them with you. I am not a big reader, if I read a book though I will not put it down until I have finished it! Literally last christmas I got a book series on my kindle and I read all four books in just under a week. I shocked myself because I don’t think I had read that many books the whole year! I would put those in this blog post but I want to save that book series for its own blog post.

I would have to say I am a very specific about the types of books that I like to read. I’m not really a horror fan or anything action related, I mush prefer teen books or books with teenage characters or a romance novel. I find that I can relate to them more. However sometimes I do like a bit of a mix.

So first I have picked the amazing Girl Online by Zoe Sugg. It is about Penny, who is a fellow blogger and how she falls in love with Noah, a famous New York musician. However Penny doesn’t know who Noah was before meeting him. I won’t go into any more details but I love this book. It will always be one of my all time favourite books and I love Elliot. It is the first book of two and the third is coming out in November but I can’t wait!

Second is All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. This is a beautiful story about happiness and sadness, hope and grief and brightness and darkness. It is gut wrenching and heartbreaking but is one of the best written stories I have read. It is quite a hard read so I would recommend for people ages 16 and above but it is so down to earth. Another must read.

Third is Looking For Alaska by John Green. After reading the Fault in Our Stars I wanted to read another John Green book, so I bought Looking For Alaska and I found it to be even better that the Fault In Our Stars. I hate to break it but it is better. The main event happens so unexpectedly and I don’t know a book that has got me more on the edge of my seat. I think a film is coming out next year and I can’t explain my excitement. It is about a boy called Miles who moves to a boarding school but his life changes forever by one girl… Alaska.

The next three books are by my favourite author in the whole entire world, Sophie Mckenzie. I have loved every Sophie Mckenzie book I have ever read and I even got to meet her once when she came to my school. She mixes action and thrillers with romance to make on the edge books perfect for teens and young adults. The first book of hers is Six Steps To A Girl from the All About Eve Series. It is the first book in the trilogy. This was the first real romance book I ever read and I really enjoyed it because I felt you could really connect with the characters. It is also a bit mysterious with an amazing story line.

The last two books, by Sophie Mckenzie are apart of the same series. These books are Girl Missing and Missing Me from the Girl Missing Series. This series is Sophie Mckenzie’s first ever thriller series and was the first ever book series I read. I would have included the second book as well but it on my kindle not in actual book form. When I first read the first book I was a little too young to understand all of it, but when I reread it along with the others, it truly changed me. Not only did the second book make me bawl my eyes out, but it is one of those series which I will never forget. My friend and I would used to read it at the same time, a chapter a night and then talk about it in school the next day. Out of all these books this series is the best. You NEED to read these books!

I would also like to include Billy and Me and the sequal Always with Love by Giovanna Fletcher to this pile but you can find a separate review of those books here.

Let me know in the comments if you have read any of these books before? If not what book would you recommend me reading next?

Emily Clare

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