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I am not normally a lip liner person. I have a few lip liners but I don’t have enough lip liners to match every single lipstick I have. If I use a lip liner it will be to add definition to my lips, or before I put on a lipstick I know is a little patchy but I don’t over draw my lips. I just can’t make it work! If I over draw my lips I ever end up looking utterly ridiculous or like a clown! Please say I am not the only one who has that problem?!

However there are two lip liners that I will always repurchase when I run out and they are both Mac products. They are the:

Mac Lip Pencil in Soar

M.A.C Studio Chromagraphic Pencil – NC15/NW20

Okay so I did cheat a little, the M.A.C Studio Chromagraphic Pencil is not an actual Mac Lip Pencil but I use it for the same purpose and it works. The Studio Chromagraphic Pencil can be used for all sorts of things like eye liner, as a lip pencil or for creative designs. It is creamy like the Mac Lip Pencils but has a softer point as it is suitable for the eye as well. It is a nude pencil, slightly on the orange/tan based side rather than pink but I love using it as a lip liner under any of my lipsticks. It tones out your natural lip colour so you can get the maximum pigment out of your lipstick. If you are wanting to over draw your lips, making them look fuller then this is also a really good product because you can build up the layers of the pencil. Not only do you lips then look more natural but it gives a even base for you lips. It is creamy so isn’t as drying as some lip liners are. If you don’t like it as a lip liner though once you have bought it, you then also have the option to use it for something else.

However my all time favourite Mac Lip Liner has to be Soar. I bought this lip liner for my prom, alongside the perfect Velvet Teddy. It is a pink lip liner but is slightly darker, and a more toned down pink rather than a vibrant pink. I like to use this on top of Velvet Teddy, outlining the outside of my lips which creates definition and gives the appearance that your lips look bigger than they actually are. Like the ultimate Kylie Jenner lip! If you apply it straight on to the lip before lipstick it can feel slightly drying so that is why I apply it after.

If your choosing any lip liner to go under a lipstick then understandably you should pick a lip liner that s the closest colour to the lipstick you have chosen. However if your like me and want to define you lips a little then chose a shade with is a slightly darker shade to the lipstick you have, like what I did with Velvet Teddy and Soar.

I hope this has helped a little or you enjoyed reading this post. Comment below what colour Mac Lip Pencil you have if you have one!

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