November Goals


As October, my favourite month, is sadly over and that we are starting November I have decided to do a blog post just sharing what I hope or want to achieve this month. Quite a few bloggers and being really unique I decided to hop on the band wagon and do it as well.  I feel like it is a really good way to reflect and I think it will make me more proactive… Hopefully!

So here are my November goals!

• Start saving my money (I am a spender not saver… Eekk!)

• Go to the gym now I have a membership

• Splash out on some professional lighting for my photos

• Organise my school work better

• Stop over thinking small situations so they become big ones (am I the only one who does this?)

• Find some blog post props

• Reach 3k on Instagram

• Drink less coffee

• Moisturise daily

Those are my goals for this month and I will let you know whether I have actually managed to achieve them!

What are your goals for this month?

Emily Clare

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