Bonfire Night


‘Remember remember the fifth of November, gun powder, treason and plot’

Happy bonfire night! Although Halloween is one of my favourite parts of the year, I’m not too disappointed after it because I always look forward to Bonfire Night. I actually celebrated bonfire night last night. If you follow my instagram or my snapchat (emilyskinnerxox) then you would have known I went to my local firework display. First my friends came around and we attempted to take some snazzy photos using sparklers. It is a work in process but I think they are okay considering none of us are camera whizzes! Then we went up to the local rugby club and went on all the fair ground rides, ate cheesy chips and cotton candy (not at the same time obviously!) and watched the fireworks. This is an annual tradition of ours so it was really fun and I loved every second.

I hope you enjoy/enjoyed whatever you did to celebrate bonfire night, even if it was just staying at home and watching fireworks from you window! But stay safe because things like sparklers can burn so just be careful!

The camera settings I used for my photos were: ISO  100 and my Shutter speed was 8 seconds.

Let me know what you have done for bonfire night in the comments!

Emily Clare

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