• Lady's Mantle and Yarrow Face Mask

    As you might know if you read my blog post from two day ago (you can find it here) Naturelle Cosmetics very kindly sent me some products to review and I mentioned that one of them hadn’t turned up. Well they had sent it in a separate parcel and it arrived the next day. What I got was the Lady’s Mantle and Yarrow Face Mask which is a face mask suited for oily skin. When Naturelle Cosmetics originally contacted me they asked what products I would like to try and I chose this because I wanted to try a new face mask.
    When I opened the package yesterday I was really excited because it came nicely packaged with green shredded paper for decoration and a little card from the company and another piece of paper explaining how to use all their different products. It was all very professional and fancy.
    Until I read the little leaflet explaining their products I didn’t understand the Lady’s Mantle and Yarrow bit but apparently Lady’s Mantle ‘has an astringent effect on the skin and protects newly formed elastin fibres’ and Yarrow has a reputation of closing open pores’. You learn something new each day!
    The face mask also contains elderflower and chamomile that help aid oily skin, vitamin rich blackcurrant to nourish, soften and protect, and lavender and juniper to heal and tighten your skin whilst acting as an antiseptic. It is made out of 100% organic ingredients so is really good for your skin.
    I decided to try it out this afternoon so I removed all my makeup with just a makeup wipe (I know I need a better skin care routine!) and created the paste. You get given a liquid which smells so amazing of lavender and the powder. Little did I known but the powder is made partly out of oatmeal! You have to add 2 round teaspoons of the powder and then 10ml of the liquid and mix to create the paste. I originally used half the amount that was required but it was too little so I did the actual amount but it was too much so I will have to try again next time. It creates an almost clay consistency which is good because it claims to pull out any impurities, which I hope it did because that’s exactly what I needed!
    After applying it to my face I left it for 5-15 minutes to harden and then I rubbed it off with a flannel and warm water and patted my face dry.
    I was actually really impressed with this face mask. When applying it I could instantly feel it working. It made my face feel tight like I had botox! Ha ha! After I took it off my face felt and still feels so incredibly soft. I did have to apply a moisturizer after to release the tight feeling but I would normally do that after applying any face mask. I genuinely feel like this has really worked. My skin is a combination of oily and dry so was skeptical to see if it worked but I think it did.
    If you like vegan or organic products, or just like face masks then you would be really missing out if you didn’t try this. As I said in my last blog post about Naturelle Cosemetics I was really impressed with the service and delivery and I would definitely buy this product again.
    You can also find the Great Elm Physick Garden here.
    Do you like face masks?
    Emily Clare
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