3 Beauty Products I Currently Can’t Live Without


You know those products you put down, so that you can try a new product out for a while but then you feel like you miss it? Or the products that you use on a day to day basis? Well these three products are just them. I find that these three products are the ones that I grab for the most and are the ones that I keep buying over and over again.

One: Freedom Makeup London Pro Brow Pomade – Ash Brown. I don’t think I have ever used another brow product that I find as good as this pomade. I have tried powders, gels and other pomades but I find myself going back to this one. I have mentioned before that I use the Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Eyeliner brush to apply it and I find that using this and the pomade I can create a fine line to outline my brows and then the pomade is just the right consistency to be able to fill it in without it being or looking clumpy. It is also really cheap making it a really good affordable dupe for the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade.

Two: Rimmel 3D Extra Lash Mascara. This is an essential item in my makeup routine because it doesn’t smudge underneath my eyes. I hate it when you look in the mirror half way through our day and you can start to see black marks appear underneath or above your eye. But I find that with this mascara that doesn’t happen. Everyone knows Rimmel has an amazing range of mascaras but this one stands out to me out off all them.

Three: Mac Prep + Prime Moisture Infusion. Everyday I use this to prime my face before I apply any sort of makeup. I know it can become a habit or some people don’t think to apply a primer before their makeup but it is so important. It can protect your pores from filling up with makeup and hence your skin will be healthy. I especially like this primer because it has a moisturizing element to it. I can get patches of dry skin from time to time so it is really good as it helps it keep that under control. It is rather expensive and there are a lot other, cheaper primes out there, but I find that this is really good for my skin and it goes a long way.

What products can’t you live without?

Emily Clare

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