Clinique High Impact Mascara


I have just planned all of my blogmas posts and I feel quite intimidated by it! I have to go out and start buying some Christmas blog post props! If you know any shops (UK) which are good for that kind of stuff please let me know! Anyway, I found this Clinique mascara this morning and I decided to give it a go because I have never used it before. I believe that this the sample version as it is quite diddy but its the same product never the less. I did my usual makeup routine, that classic copper eye for autumn, and then applied the mascara.

This mascara is from Clinique’s volumized mascara section. I think it is a light mascara, not too heavy on your eyelashes which makes them more voluminous because they aren’t being weighed down. It doesn’t clump either which is amazing because I don’t like when my eye lashes stick together. Because it doesn’t clump it gives your eyelashes a natural effect, which is perfect if your want a ‘no makeup makeup look’ for school or if you want something more subtle than your average mascara. It separates my lashes beautifully as well and it gives that extra length to my lashes. It is rather expensive but Clinique as a brand is rather expensive simply because the quality of their products are very high.

As mascaras go it definitely ticks all the right boxes and it would be perfect to use in an everyday makeup look.

You can find the Clinique High Impact Mascara here.

What mascara do you use?

Emily Clare

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