Best Places To Buy Christmas Blog Props From


I took a load of other photos but the shadows were awful so I went with these two. Anyway when I was planning Blogmas I realised I need to pick up a load of Christmas related blog props for my photos and when I googled ‘Christmas Blog Props’ for inspiration from other bloggers, I didn’t really find anything so that’s why after I picked up some props yesterday when I went shopping I thought I would blog about them. I wouldn’t spend an extensive amount of money on blog props because its not worth it and I am also planning to use some of my annual christmas decorations too.

When I went into town, I looked at all the places that did home ware stuff and picked up a few things. However I found that two shops in particular were the best and most affordable places to get Christmas items. But like I mentioned about, if you don’t want to spend anything on blog props then you can use Christmas decorations you already own!

The first shop I went to was Primark. Not only did I pick up a really nice velvet jumper dress, I also picked up some sparkly snow flakes and four large baubles. The snowflakes were £2 and the baulbles were £3. I thought these were really good as they are so cheap and the snowflakes are super pretty. I nearly can away with a bauble wreath that was in the same colour scheme as they snowflakes but I managed to restrict myself before I got carried away…

The other shop I found really good for Chrismas decorations was Tiger. If you don’t know what Tiger is, then it is a shop that sells everything under the sun, from little trinkets to games and food. They have so many quirky Christmas things, so I picked up a string of red fairy lights, some heart baubles, some red ribbon and my friend Rosie bought me the Christmas tree box (thank you Rosie!). That came to £7 all together which considering I also got fairy lights, is amazing! If you want something traditionally red and green for Christmas then this is the best place to go.

Let me know where you get your Christmas blog props from in the comments!

Emily Clare

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17 thoughts on “Best Places To Buy Christmas Blog Props From

  1. 😍loved this. I can’t wait to do a shop for little bits and bobs like this. Primark is a good shout. I do most of my little Christmas bits and bobs shop in the pound store. They always have some nice things for a fraction of the price. Thanks for sharing. Xx

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