Girl Online Going Solo Book Review


I have been so excited to get my hands on the latest addition to the Girl Online series, Girl Online Going Solo, by Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella) as I absolutely adored the first and second book. I tried to get my hands on a signed one but they had all sold out so I picked up the hard back from Waterstones on Thursday. Since I read the second book back in January I have been dying for a third book because the situation between Penny and Noah was just left hanging as to what would happen next. So of course when I picked it up, I started reading it straight away and I finished it last night. Part of me thinks I should have read it more slowly but I will probably re read it.

I obviously don’t want to give any spoilers away but it is an amazing book. It had me gripped and at some points of the book I was smiling from ear to ear. Noah of course is as dreamy as always, I want my own Noah!! But I felt the book covered a lot more than just teenage romance. It dealt with anxiety of different forms, it dealt with the difficult situation of divorce and I feel like some of the situations are more grown up which I like because being the same age as Penny I found it so relatable. Also at one point Penny was giving tips to Megan at how to be a successful blogger and as a blogger that was really helpful. I also saw a lot of Zoe in the book, you would only notice that as a fan of hers, but for example Noah’s flat was similar to Zoe’s old flat.

There is also new characters which is really exciting, including Callum and Posey. I am going to give a brief idea of what it is about but I will make sure to not give away the main events! Basically after leaving The Sketch’s world tour, Noah goes under the radar from the whole world, even Penny, his Grandma Sadie Lee and his sister Bella. In that time Penny meets a hunky Scottish photography student and a new friend called Posey who is an amazing singer, but there is one problem… She gets really bad stage fright. Although Elliot also needs Penny more than anything.

I really hope there will be a forth book. I will be disappointed if there isn’t because it is such an amazing series and it was ended on a note where I think a forth book would be perfect.

You can find Girl Online Going Solo here.

If you have been a really quick reader like me let me know what you thought in the comments!

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27 thoughts on “Girl Online Going Solo Book Review

  1. I am a quick reader and I absolutely love reading however my parents have been postponing buying the book for me and I hate it but i’d love to read it. I love the second book too and have been waiting for this one ever since…But well parents.

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