YouTube Made Me Buy It


I have seen this blog post idea floating across YouTube so I thought why not create a blog post out of it?! Basically the concept of this idea is that you list all the products whether that is makeup related, hair or nails, a specific brand or it can have nothing to do with beauty, that you feel you have purchased just because you have seen YouTubers use it or review it. So many times I have bought something because a YouTuber has recommend it, and I will get that product not looking at any alternatives. I feel that most people are guilty of this too though!

The first product I thought that YouTube made me buy was the Real Technique Makeup Brushes. Of course this is going to be in here because the creators, Nikki and Sam Chapnam, are indeed makeup artists on YouTube. When first getting into makeup, I instantly went to Real Technique brushes because it was around the time the Core Collection came out and they were really popular. Most YouTubers I would go to for makeup tips would use at least one of their brushes in their tutorial. However this is a product I do not regret buying. They are really good quality brushes which are really soft but also they don’t malt leaving hairs stuck in your foundation!

Secondly I chose the Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer because so many YouTubers raved about this! I specifically remember Emily Canham talking about it in one of her tutorials but I also have seen it mentioned by a few bloggers. I thought it look so interesting because of the fluffy end, and again I am so glad I bought this. I only got it a few weeks ago but I have used it every day since then because it is the perfect concealer for under your eyes!

I bought the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer because Zoella used to and still loves this concealer. Again when I was new to makeup, I didn’t really know what to get so after I watched some of Zoe’s videos, I decided to get the collection concealer. I used to use it under my eyes but it is too thick really for that so I use it as a highlighting concealer and to cover up any spots. It has a really high coverage and is so cheap!

I am obsessed with the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams but I had never thought of trying the NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick because I didn’t know what it was like. However repeatedly I would see this pop up on peoples blog posts, on in YouTube videos and I decided to pick one up. As far as liquid lipsticks go it is not my favourite as I found it quite sticky on my lips, however the colour I have ‘Soft-Spoken’ and it is a gorgeous nude/deep pink shade which is very Kylie Jenner.

Speaking of Kylie Jenner I also decided that YouTube made my buy the fake Kylie Lip Kits. I know I know, YOU SHOULD NEVER BUY FAKE PRODUCTS, but I purely bought them under the circumstances that I was making a blog post on them (you can find that here.). However I do use them because when I bought mine I got them off AliExpress under a seller that had many previous good reviews. I crept across the fake Kylie Lip Kit idea on YouTube by YouTubers doing like what I did in my blog post. I got them then because it was a good blog post idea. However I would recommend getting the actually Kylie Lip Kits instead.

What products have you brought because of YouTube or other bloggers?

Emily Clare

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41 thoughts on “YouTube Made Me Buy It

  1. All of the makeup I’ve bought so far I’ve seen on Youtube! hahah! Great post! I only have one RealTechniques brush (blush brush). I was thinking of getting more, but I just a few ELF brushes instead. I do notice that the brush hairs come off easily with my new brushes I got. I’m looking for a good Contouring brush!

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