• Neal's Yard Remedies Review

    I love trying out different skin care products now and then, so I know about quite a few different skin care brands and one that I love is Neal’s Yard Remedies. Neal’s Yard is a brand which specializes in organic skin care products using natural products and no nasty chemicals. They do loads of products which can treat anything from poor sleeping, spotty skin or aches and pains. I came across this brand because one of my friend’s Mum is a representative for Neal’s Yard and sells their products at pamper parties.
    The first product I have is Arnica Salve. This is a paste which you massage into your muscles either before or after doing any exercise, or if you muscles are aching. I go to the gym at least once a week and I do trampolining. If I do a grueling gym session or often my legs ache after trampolining, I will massage a small bit into the aching areas after I have a shower. I find that it is really good to sooth the pain and apparently because of this it is really good for arthritis. It contains arnica which is a popular natural soother. I love the smell of it too.
    Next is the Lavender Essential Oil. I am a lover of anything lavender scented and this Lavender Oil is a multi-use product which means more bang for your buck! You can either put it into your bath, put it in a bowl of steaming water or massage it into your skin. I put it into my bath because lavender is proven to make you sleep better. I don’t know how or why but I remember when I was little I went through a period of sleeping badly and I would have a bowl of dried lavender next to my bed to make me drift off. So when I have spouts of not sleeping well I will add this too my bath. However if you are congested and have a really bad cold you can add this to a bowl of steaming water, place your head over the bowl with a towel on your head and then breathe in the fumes. This works a treat! Or just like the Arnica Salve you can rub it into your skin to solve any aches or pains.
    What organic brands do you like?
    Emily Clare
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