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    “Frosty the snowman was a jolly happy soulWith a corncob pipe and a button nose, And two eyes made out of coal.”
    If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen I was at somewhere very exciting yesterday! Also if you have been reading my blogs for a while, then you would have noticed me sometimes reviewing products that I have said I have gotten from the Clothes Show Live. Well… yesterday I went again to the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham! This is my forth year watching the Clothes Show and it was as exciting as the other times I have been! If you are unaware of what the Clothes Show is, then it is a huge fashion and catwalk show incorporated with dancing that you watch and then there is a hall full of different stalls where you can go shopping! For example Spectrum Brushes, Barry M and small beauty companies where there and then there was also clothes shops and also universities. Basically it is a huge event which is perfect for any girl!
    I know on Twitter I did a poll asking whether you wanted photos, a haul or both… however it got dark really quickly tonight so I didn’t have time to take photos of what I got and I want to do separate blog posts on what I got because they are really exciting! I went with my school because I took BTEC Fashion and I went around with my friends Emily, Emily, Milly and Rosie (Yes four Emily’s!!). We left at eight in the morning, got a quick Starbucks on the way and then arrived at the NEC in Birmingham at around half twelve.. I think! 
    We watched the quarter to two fashion show which was really good. Compared to the other years I have been I thought there was more dance rather than actual catwalk bits but nonetheless I still really enjoyed it. Jamie Laing from Made In Chelsea was hosting it and at one point he was stood so close to us I was fan girling quite a bit! No shame!
    After we did some shopping and we also bumped into Joe Tasker who is a famous Facebook Comedian. We met him and at the time he was doing a livestream and we got to be in his livestream but honestly he was so lovely and we also bumped into him again a little later on and again he was just so friendly. That made my day.
    However we got back at around half nine but it was a great day! Unfortunately this was the last year that the Clothes Show is at Birmingham and after 27 years they are moving to Liverpool and the shows will be in July. This is super sad as I probably won’t be able to go to that but fingers crossed!
    Have you ever been to the Clothes Show?
    Emily Clare
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