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    “Silent Night, Holy Night, All is calm, All is bright”
    Would it be blogmas without some more gift ideas? As it is getting closer and closer to Christmas I decided to do a post on what to get your dad, brother, boyfriend or husband for Christmas as I have already done a Gift Ideas For Her Post. I don’t normally buy anything for my brother for Christmas because its just not something we do however I get something for my dad so I am always wondering about what to get him. I tried to get a variety of gift ideas that also vary in price.
    One: A speaker. My brother is always using his little SunVito speaker but the good things about a speaker is that you can get a Sonos speaker which is a little more expensive or you can get a cheaper one. Of course the more expensive one will last longer and have a better quality sound however they do the same job. I picked the SunVito speaker out because my brother got it for under £5 off amazon, and you can get it in Primark, and it is really loud and also waterproof. I even use it for my showers!
    Two: Fragrance. This is a huge playing field of gifts because if you want to go classy then you can get a lovely smelling after shave or if you are buying for your brother you could get a deodorant and shower gel set because it is cheap and your recipient will end up smelling lush! I know Lynx is very popular among teenage boys, so if you have one to buy for then try this!
    Three: Console Games. What is a boy with out his Xbox, Playstation or computer games? Honestly when in doubt go for this because you know boys and their toys… You can’t go wrong!… Well just make sure you buy the game for the right console! My brother and my dad ask for new games each year so it is a great gift all around.
    Four: Giant Playing Cards. This may seem a bit random but I got these as a jokey gift for my brother last year and we used them on holiday this year and it was such a laugh! It is so funny trying to play with huge cards and they were only a couple of pounds! Any joey gift will do well for a brother or boyfriend! I got mine from Tiger!
    Five: An iPad. If you want to splash the cash for your loved one this Christmas then I suggest going for an iPad. This is actually my brothers which he will be getting for Christmas this year but they are just so useful. I would actually be surprised if you don’t already own them. They are very pricey but they are so worth it. It is good for any age too because I have a iPad mini and love it because the size allows me to take it anywhere with me, but then my grand parents also have one and they love it because it allows the to connect to the internet really quickly and it amazes them!
    If you have any other gift suggestions then leave them in the comments, or comment below which of these you would most want to receive on Christmas Day!
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