• Christmas Nails Tutorial

    “Driving home for Christmas”
    I thought as it is soon my birthday and christmas and as I have no more work I would treat myself to some good old false nails! I was tempted to go and get professional acrylics done but I still have presents to buy (I know I am so disorganized) so I have told myself I can’t spend any more money on myself until I order them! So instead to save money I did them myself… Sort off… This is how I did my festive fake nails!
    I got my friends Rosie and Milly to pick me up some of the Elegant Touch Totally Bare Oval 002 Nails when they went shopping. Basically these are false nails which are clear so you can then go and paint them yourself. I normally get the stiletto shaped ones but they didn’t have them so I got the oval ones instead. I actually love these nails because they are really strong and they aren’t too long either so you aren’t restricted. They are also really really cheap and are only £4.95 on the website but where Milly and Rosie got them they were only £3.67! I used the glue that came with the nails and so far they have all stuck and not come off because I know from experience that they have tendency to fall off but I did use a different glue then. There are also enough nails to do your nails twice so it is more value for money!
    After I matched my sizes up correctly I stuck them on. When sticking them on you have to be careful of your cuticles. If you stick them on to of your cuticles then it will damage them so place it just above. Once I stuck my nails on I painted them. I used the Models Own Chrome Colour Turquoise Nail Varnish. I decided to go for a snowflake blue rather than a traditional green or red nail for christmas as I wanted something a little different. I love this nail polish as even though I applied two coats you only really need one, but it also dries so quickly!
    I then decided I wanted to make my nails look even more pretty. For my ring fingers I used the Colour Couture Multi Coloured Glitter Nail Polish. I can’t find the link to this as it came in a huge nail art diary which isn’t sold anymore but I did two coats of that. Then on my middle fingers I used some blue glitter that matched my nail polish. I applied a clear coat of nail varnish, sprinkled the glitter on evenly, waited for it to dry and then applied a final top coat. If your doing this then be warned it can take time to dry. If you doing this idea then it is best to use fine glitter because it looks less clumpy on your nails.
    I feel like my nails remind me of frost and ice and snowflakes.
    What do you think of them?
    Emily Clare
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    1. 15/12/2016 / 9:02 pm

      Love this! Cute idea for the accent nails 🙂

    2. 15/12/2016 / 9:25 pm

      YES! This is so awesome!

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