What’s On My Christmas Tree?


We have finally put our Christmas tree up and I just wanted to snap a few artsy shots and share with you my Christmas tree. We have a tiny Christmas tree that sits on a table in the corner of the room. I keep saying that we need to get a bigger one but there simply isn’t room for one. Our Chrismas tree is more about traditions than sticking to a colour scheme, however since I have gotten older that has changed. We still keep some old items on the tree like the santas with mine and my brothers name on it, or the Winnie the Pooh ornaments we also have. But because my living room is purple and gold colour themed we also try and incorporate that into it. On top of our tree we have an angel. We aren’t religious and there is no reason why we have an angel rather than a star but it is cute.

Do you go for a themed Christmas tree or ones with traditional ornaments? Or a bit of both?

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