• My Favourite Lush Christmas Products

    “Come, they told me, Pa rum pum pum pum”
    I went into town today with some friends for a Costa Catch Up and we also braved the busy shops to do some last minute Christmas shopping. In my case I was very vain and treated myself a little because  needed to get a new eyeliner and I also wanted to pick up some Lush bits before they stop selling them after Christmas. I knew it would be busy today as it is so close to Christmas, but it was busier than I was expecting! They were even queuing outside of Lush but then they were handing out vegan chocolate so it was too bad.
    I am a huge Lush fan. But I would be surprised if you didn’t know that… unless you have only just started following my blog. When the Lush Halloween and Christmas collection first came out back in October I think I spent at least over £150 on everything… which yes I know is really bad!… But I have used it wisely and I still have some of it left. However I have two ultimate favorites that I bought an extra of today because I love them that much. I love nearly everything Lush but these are the best in my opinion.
    First is the Snow Fairy Shower Gel. I decided to buy the slightly bigger bottle because then it will last me longer. Snow Fairy is one of the main festive scents that Lush do and it runs through many of their products, like Candy Mountain bubble bar. It is a very sweet scent and I know some people find it too sweet but I actually really like it. They also last super long so I can be using it in my shower for the rest of the year! It is pink and glittery so whats not to love?
    The next is the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb. The first time I ever went into Lush was with my Mum and it was around Christmas time. My mum let me pick one bath bomb of my choice and I chose the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb because it was huge and all glittery. Before this I hadn’t really heard of Lush before so I didn’t know how awesome their bath bombs were. But when I tried it I was amazed. I don’t think my mum quite realized that three years later I would be addicted to it… I still this day love this bath bomb because the smell isn’t over powering and it creates such a beautiful pattern of ‘bath art‘. I love the fact that it also leaves your skin super glittery. I think the fact that it is shaped like a present is really special because it is exactly like a present as it turns the bath colour bright turquoise… sorry for the spoilers if you haven’t used it before! If you are to get one bath bomb then I suggest getting this one!
    Whilst I am writing this the Lush website has crashed so I am not able to link the products. Sorry!
    What are your Lush Christmas Favourites?
    Emily Clare
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    1. 22/12/2016 / 7:32 am

      I know it’s not the main point of the post but yaaaaaaaaaas Costa! Did you have a Christmas drink? I love Lush so much: where I live, Costa is pretty much right next to Lush in the shopping centre X

      • 22/12/2016 / 9:39 am

        I love Costa! But I gave surprised myself as that was the first Costa I have had since the winter menu has come out! I had the gingerbread latte, and then I also got the basil Mozzella, tomato and pesto panini which I would highly recommend!

        • 22/12/2016 / 10:13 am

          I’ve never really tried the food at Costa… I will have to give it a go! The gingerbread latte is amazing 😍

          • 22/12/2016 / 10:37 am

            I think if I have another I will try one of the festive hot chocolates!

            • 22/12/2016 / 11:47 am

              May I recommend the mint one — it’s amazing 😎

    2. 22/12/2016 / 9:54 pm

      Such great photos and awesome picks! If it isn’t too much trouble do you think yo could check out my blog sometime? Thanks so much xx

    3. 28/12/2016 / 11:02 am

      Just read this blog post and I have just received the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb for Christmas!
      Ps, I think your really talented at writing and WOW, you have lots of followers! You are so lucky! How long have you had a blog for? xx

      • 28/12/2016 / 3:11 pm

        Golden Wonder is the best! Thank you so much! That means a lot! I have been blogging since March this year so it has taken a while! x

    4. 08/01/2017 / 5:32 pm

      I love the smell of snow fairy it’s incredible & so relaxing 🙈

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