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    Before I start this blog I want to throw a little disclaimer out there to just say I know my photography isn’t as good as other bloggers and I still have a lot to learn with photography for my blog but these are some starting tips which I have picked up since I have been blogging.
    I have always struggled with photography for my blog photos because I have a love hate relationship with them. I always compare myself to other bloggers which I shouldn’t do because that just won’t get me anywhere, however since I have been blogging my photos have improved a lot. I am pickier with my photos, my layouts and my props. For example this photo I took really quickly hoping to get a shot before my camera ran out of battery… because I forgot to put it on charge last night… so the quality is poor. Also I am really picky about my marble top. I use sticky back plastic on a foam board to get the marble effect but I recently got a new one because the other one I had was too dark. Anyway I have some tips for if you have just started blogging or want to know how to improve your photos.
    One: Invest in a good camera. If your in for the long run with blogging then I really recommend getting a good, high quality camera. If you are happy with taking your photos on your phone then brilliant! However when I used my phone, my photos didn’t have a blurred background and when I uploaded them to my blog post they were blurry. However then I started using my Lumix camera which I got for my birthday a few years ago, and then recently I have bought the Canon EOS 1300D. Of course it will be expensive but then I do not regret it at all. My new camera is amazing and allows me to use so many different modes to get the best photo that I can. At the moment I like to us the Creative Auto mode because I can change how blurred I want the background to be and how bright the photo is. If you are to get one then I would recommend this Canon one because for a Canon camera it is cheap, or if you want a more expensive one then Olympus cameras are also very popular.
    Two: Lighting. Getting the right lighting can make or break a photo. Too bright then the photo will look white but too dark then you won’t distinguish different objects in your photo. If you want to use natural lighting then take your photos either outside or by a large window. For the best results, go outside on an over cast day and just take a load of photos for future blog posts. I did this but now I use a Soft Box because I found my lighting would differ from photo to photo and being the fussy person I am I didn’t like this. The Soft Box allows me to have natural lighting so that all my photos will have the same base lighting colour, they aren’t yellow or blue tinged like my old photos. I got mine for about £20 on amazon and it also means I can take photos when it gets dark and not have to worry about that when it is winter.
    Three: Backdrops and Backgrounds. I used to take photos in front of anything. My window, my bedroom wall, my duvet cover you name it but the best is to have a background or two, like marble, wood or plain white and stick to it. These not only look more professional but are really popular. And no, you don’t have to have a slab of marble or planks of wood. You can easily go to any craft shop (I went to the Range) and by a foam board, and then go to amazon and by sticky back plastic in whatever colour or texture you want and then just stick it onto the board. It is so cheap and easy to do but when buying the foam board I recommend getting a thick one because mine started to bend and then it ripped so I got a thicker one which is much better.
    Four: Props. Quite often if you have a busy background like marble you don’t need too many props, however it is nice to have some because they make your photos more personal and creative. Good options are glitter, confetti, watches, fluffy pom poms, fairy lights, flowers (you can get artificial ones so cheaply) or jewellery. I often have other bits of makeup in the mix if I am doing a makeup related blog post. Or you can use themed props for Christmas, Autumn or Easter. But beware you can go overboard and then people won’t actually focus on what your blog post is about so just stick to a maximum of 5 or 6.
    Five: Editing. This is 100% my least favourite part because I am so bad at it. Unlike some bloggers, I can’t afford editing software like Photoshop, so I use a website called BeFunky.com. This alongside other websites like PicMonkey is good because you can edit your photos for free and change the exposure or sharpness of a photo. I will invest in Photoshop when I have the money but it is expensive so alternatives are just as good.
    This has been a long old blog post. The photo I took above was not a good example as I took it when it was dark outside, but I hope you get the idea.
    If you have any other tips then leave them in the comments.
    Emily Clare
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    1. 04/01/2017 / 8:03 pm

      I’m not a professional photographer or anything but if you plan to stay in blogging for the long run and you’re going to be doing a lot of photography, you might as well take a class. They’re readily available and they help you get a sense of your creativity and style. It also exposes you to other photography and helps you widen your network.
      Also experiment. If you’ve just started out with your blog and you have a set idea in mind for the direction you want to go in, there’s no problem with veering off a bit. Even if you want to do a purely fashion blog, you can still try taking some still life photos and scenery as well. This will help you broaden your eye for composition.
      Great tips, Emily! All the best

      • 04/01/2017 / 8:30 pm

        Brilliant tips too! Also photography books are good for those who don’t have the money or time for classes! Thanks for reading!7

    2. 04/01/2017 / 8:12 pm

      Awesome job on this, girl! I myself have a really great camera that I used to use for more filming, and I wish I used it for my blog photos too. I tend to stick with my iPhone out of convenience. You did adjust my perspective on how important it is to invest in the work you want others to invest in! Thanks for posting.
      If you feel so obligated to check out my blog, I super appreciate the love! Thanks in advance 🙂
      – Laura

    3. 04/01/2017 / 9:08 pm

      I like your advice about backdrops, this is really helpful. 🙂

    4. 04/01/2017 / 9:23 pm

      Those are some great tips that I’ve learnt along the way as well! And the picture you took is really good! I do still need to improve a lot haha! Great post! 💕

    5. 04/01/2017 / 9:45 pm

      This was really helpful and enjoyable to read. Thanks for the great tips X

    6. 04/01/2017 / 10:22 pm

      Such a useful blog post 🙂 I will definitely take on board some of these tips for my blog as I really struggle with my photos. If you want to check out my blog, that would be great too!
      Sophie x

    7. 05/01/2017 / 12:05 am

      Do you have a link to the softbox you got (or similar) I’m looking for various lighting atm, both for YouTube and the blog and your pics always look nice!

    8. 05/01/2017 / 12:13 am

      I’m just starting out blogging, and these tips are great!! Thank you

    9. 05/01/2017 / 5:16 pm

      Hi Emily! These tips are fantastic and I’m so happy to hear that you’ve found BeFunky helpful for editing your blog photos!! It’s our goal to provide powerful, yet simple-to-use editing tools, so it’s always wonderful to hear that users like you are putting them to great use! Keep up the great work 🙂

    10. 05/01/2017 / 5:38 pm

      Bookmarked this post as I really struggle taking my own blog photos! Thank you so much 🙂

    11. 08/01/2017 / 2:03 pm

      Really helpful tips, I find it so difficult taking blog photos sometimes! I’m coming up with a better way to at the moment, these tips have helped x

    12. 08/01/2017 / 7:05 pm

      I was looking for a post on photography tips as I want to improve mine.. thank you for sharing these they are ace 🙂 x

    13. 10/01/2017 / 12:49 pm

      HEY ! thank you girl it’s really helpful post , as i just about to start my product photography so these begining tips will help me. Thank you 🙂

    14. 15/01/2017 / 8:35 am

      these are great tips 🙂 (love your blog)

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