• Colour Analysis Session

    Today in Fashion our teacher did a Colour Anaysis Session with us. This basically tells you what colours you should be wearing depending on your skin, hair and eye colour. My teacher has a business outside of school on Colour Analysis, Personal Styling etc… so she also taught us how to do it. It is all about finding the right colour for you to define your features and make you feel more confident in what you are wearing.
    She brought in a load of different coloured fabrics and one by one we sat in front of the mirror to find out whether we should be wearing Summer, Spring, Winter or Autumn colours. Summer colours are like brighter colours, spring included colours like different shades of yellow, winter had darker and very rich colours and then autumn had autumn tones colours for example orange and reds.
    Sophie went first and because she has rich, brown hair she got winter including colours from bright white, black to pale pink. Milly was second and it was hard to differentiate whether she was summer or spring, but after she took her makeup off, my teacher decided she was spring colours. Third was Rosie and she got summer colours like lilac and pale blue and Abbie who went forth also got summer, as well as Josie. I went last and got autumn because I have mousy hair and green eyes.
    Milly and Rosie tried some autumn colours on me as well, like the yellow. It was interesting to find out that depending on what season you apply to, the shades of white change. For example if you are winter like Sophie the brightest white would be the best, or if you are autumn like me then an oyster white is the best suited.
    We then had a go at trying it out ourselves on another teacher. There were three different colours (red, green and blue) in four different shades of fabric, each shade coinciding to a season. You had to keep an eye for whether the shade washed the colour out of their face, or whether it brightened and extenuated their eye colour.
    It is really interesting and is a good thing to do whether you want to be a personal stylist for someone because then you are shopping for their skin, hair and eye colour not just their body shape.
    If you are interested in something like this then you can find more about it here.
    Have you ever heard of this before?
    Emily Clare
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      Cool, it sounds like very interesting subject!

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