Zoella Beauty Gingerbread Range


I know this blog is very late but better late than never! As most of you probably know YouTuber Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella) released a new range of items to her beauty collection for Christmas. I bought the Hungry Hands Hand Cream back in October (I think…) but I also got the fragrance and body cream for Christmas. I am a big fan of Zoella products because Zoe is a huge inspiration for me but also because they are really good quality. I loved the classic and sweet inspirations range and when Zoe announced her range was gingerbread scented I was so happy! I love gingerbread, whether it is eating it or the smell so this is amazing to me.

When I got the Hungry Hands Hand Cream, my initial thought was that it smelt so good but it wasn’t too over powering. Sometimes I find with hand creams that you put them on and then they take ages to dry so your just stuck there like… ‘What I do now for the next five minutes’. However with this one it dries really quickly so I take it everywhere I go. It is nice and compact too but you also get a lot of product.

I then got the Gingerbread & Vanilla Fragrance set for Christmas from my Aunt and Uncle. I have nearly used up all of my sweet inspirations body mist so I really wanted the gingerbread one to compensate for the other running out. It is a much stronger gingerbread scent than the hand cream and it is definitely a scent to get used to as it is very sweet, however I love that sort of thing. The body cream is more vanilla scented than the body mist and I put it on after my showers or baths. It makes your skin so soft and it is really moisturizing.

This is probably my favourite Zoella set so far however it is really disappointing because you can’t get all of the products any more as it was a Christmas range. However I have just looked and the Feel Unique website still some of the products under the ‘Gift‘ section, and if you look them up on amazon you can find nearly all of them! So if you want to try them out I suggest getting them sooner rather than later!

Have you ever tried any Zoella products? If you have what is your favourite?

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18 thoughts on “Zoella Beauty Gingerbread Range

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  2. I love the Zoella Gingerbread range too, it smells delicious and also has amazing packaging. If it’s not to needy, could some of you guys maybe check out my blog??

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