Soap & Glory Supercat Skinny Eyeliner


I have always been a bit hesitant to using eyeliner, only because I know if I try and put it on after doing an eyeshadow look I will 99% of the time mess it up. I use to use a liquid one by Miss Sporty which, sounds odd, but was really cold so when I went to apply it I would blink and then it would go EVERYWHERE. However more recently I have been seeing makeup looks, including eyeliner, and I decided to invest in a pen like eyeliner.

I chose to get a pen eyeliner because they look and are the easiest to use and control because it is just like drawing onto your eyelids. I have tried other types of eyeliners like pencil or gel and I just didn’t get on with them, and in my opinion liquid eyeliners give the best and most accurate result.

I went into Boots and had a look at the different brands but I ended up going for the Soap & Glory Supercat Skinny Eyeliner. I have never tried any of Soap & Glory’s makeup before, primarily because I just thought they did bath and shower products. However they have am extensive eyeliner collection to select out of. I watched them all on the back of my hand because they had thicker ones, thinner ones and also pencil eyeliners. I went for the Supercat Skinny Eyeliner because it was the thinnest eyeliner so it is easier to create precise looks like a simple cat eye.

I really like this eyeliner because it is so easy to use. Unfortunately, when I went away over Christmas, I used it and then left the lid off it over night and it dried up quite a bit. Trust me I was gutted. However it still works well when I don’t have eyeshadow on, but takes multiple coats when I do. That is the one down side to pen eyeliners however I would definitely repurchase this. It dries really quickly so it doesn’t smudge along your eyelid straight after applying it. I also found this really long lasting; I managed to wear this all day and it still hadn’t smudged. That was rather impressive.

If you are new to makeup, and want to try out eyeliner then this would be a good choice as it is easy to control and is very pigmented, unlike some pencil eyeliners which can be harder to control and come out a dull black, rather than a bold glossy black.

You can find the Soap & Glory Supercat Skinny Eyeliner here.

Have you ever tried and Soap & Glory makeup?

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19 thoughts on “Soap & Glory Supercat Skinny Eyeliner

  1. I feel your pain girl, I have absolutely no desire to do my eyeliner because I am just so bad at it. So I also went and bought this exact eyeliner pen and yet still I can’t manage to get to grips with how to do winged eyeliner, so I think it’s just something I’m going to have to live with now haha. Beautiful post and picture too xx

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