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    If your like me, your makeup is not complete without filling in your brows and I personally feel that your eyebrows are a huge part of your complexion. I rarely go out anywhere without filling in my eyebrows. My eyebrows are quite thick and dark when I fill them in because I feel like this matches my hair colour the best and my natural brows are quite sparse. Even when I first started doing makeup, I would fill in my brows, and even looking back at that and thinking ‘What was I doing?’ my morals have always been the same. I am going to be truthful and say I have had people pick on me because of the way my eyebrows look, I know it sounds stupid, but it has happened. However I am really happy with how I do my makeup and my brows and I have finally found the best product, in my opinion, for filling in brows, which is also under £10.
    When I first got into makeup I used a really old Rimmel eyeshadow palette that I found in my mums draw, then I used the collection brow palette I got off my friend Milly. However when I realised I wanted something better I got the HD Brow Palette to fill me brows in because when I was in school you weren’t allowed a lot of makeup and it give a really nice natural look, I still use it sometimes if I am having a run around day when I don’t want to spend hours doing my makeup. But now I use the Freedom Makeup London Pro Brow Pomade in Ash Brown. OH MY LORD IT IS AMAZING. I picked this up in superdrug, not reading any reviews on it, or not even testing the right colour but it was only £5 so I thought I would give it a go.
    A brow pomade is a gel like product, a bit like gel eyeliner, and it is best for if you want precision and accuracy when filling in your brows. Pomades are the best product to use if you want that ‘Perfect Brow’ because you can get a precise shape, fill it in with no gaps, and then create a gorgeous ombré in the center to make it look natural. It is harder to use than a powder product however it looks better.
    I love this pomade because it is so pigmented and doesn’t come off patchy at all. It is a lovely formula that is creamy and soft so is easy to apply and once it is one, it is very long wearing. I can wear it all day and it still looks like I have just applied it. The best thing is that it is only £5! It is insane! It comes in a small pot, however last ages, I have had mine for a while and is still going! The only down side is that when I bought it, there were no testers so I sort of had to guess the shade to match my roots, and I did get one that i a little too dark but it look better now as my hair has grown through more.
    To apply this I first take a spoolie and brush through my brows to get get all the hairs going in the same direction. Then using my Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush I take the product and outline the shape of my brow. I use this brush because it is super small and therefore it makes it easy to get high accuracy. I then fill in my brows starting from the outside and work my way to the middle. About a centimeter before the centre of my brow I will stop filling my brow in fully and wipe my brush off of product. I will then just blend the product I had already applied on my brow to get an ombré effect… if that makes sense ha ha!
    I have never tried the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade but from the looks of it I think it is a perfect dupe!
    You can find it here.
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    1. 26/01/2017 / 9:41 pm

      I love this product! Been using solidly for just under a year and can’t go a day without wearing it 🙈

      • 27/01/2017 / 5:03 pm

        I am so glad you agree, most people have never heard of it!

        • 27/01/2017 / 5:37 pm

          I picked it up on a whim, not having heard anything about the company as it was a new section in my drugstore. I have yet to try anything else from Freedom though? Have you?

    2. 26/01/2017 / 11:30 pm

      Yeeeeeeessss! Best brow product ever! Glad somebody else can see the hype x

    3. 28/01/2017 / 8:59 pm

      I havent tried the anastasia as well…
      And this is the first time i am hearing of freedom.. Looks good tho

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