Revlon ColorStay Foundation Review


I treated myself to a new foundation the other day because my L’Oreal True Match Foundation had sadly run out. I liked that foundation, however I wasn’t a huge fan, so instead of repurchasing it I decided to try out a different one. I always find getting a new foundation so exciting and thrilling because foundation is such a staple in anyone’s makeup bag, so to find a new and really good foundation is quite fun. I would normally have a look online before I go shopping just to have a look at different ones and their reviews however I just sort of ‘winged it’ this time. I picked up the Revlon ColorStay Foundation for Normal/Dry skin in the shade Buff.

I liked the sound of this one because they do two types of this foundation, one for normal to dry skin and then one for oily to combination skin. I went for the normal to dry because I can get drier skin on my face during the winter (never thought I would be saying that on the internet!). I really liked it having two choices because sometimes brands are limiting as they only have matte foundations for example, so I found this a good idea. I have been using it for the past week so I decided to give it a review.

Packaging wise, it is simple however I have heard that it never had a pump. Correct me if I am wrong, but now it does and this seems weird but it is a good pump, because on some past foundation bottles, some of the product can collect around the top of the pump and makes it all messy, however this doesn’t.

I tested the colour in store and I would say it is a pretty good much to my skin colour. It was a toss up of getting Buff or Sand Beige, but I went with Buff, which was the lighter shade, because my skin is quite pale as it is winter. I almost needed an in between shade.

The big question is though does it do any good for dry skin? If I am honest I don’t see it making any difference to my skin than any other foundations I have tried, however after I also put concealer on it does make my skin look better. I would say it is a medium coverage, as it isn’t a full coverage however it isn’t light. It is good if you don’t want a full cakey look, or if you do it is a good buildable foundation. I like the consistency because it isn’t too thick or runny, however it is slightly harder to blend than previous concealers I have tried. It just takes a little longer to get that ‘Flawless Look‘.

I do really like this foundation though because it is long lasting and doesn’t start going oily throughout the day. Even though it is for normal to dry skin, it leaves a matte finish and is a good base foundation. It also is SPF 15 so you can still wear it in the sun without having to worry about sun cream! Although that isn’t really needed in the UK right now…

I would repurchase this foundation, as it is cheap (not as cheap as some brands but it is definitely at a drug store price) and I like how it has two choices for what type of skin you have.

You can find the Revlon ColorStay Foundation here.

Have you tried this foundation before?


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23 thoughts on “Revlon ColorStay Foundation Review

  1. This is the foundation I use in the Shade 330, whatever shade color that is! I just remember the number! I tried the E.L.F. Foundation in Buff and I liked it until my face broke out! Good choice on foundations!

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