The Best Apps For Bloggers


My phone is filled with numerous apps that help me organise my blogging or Instagram life and without them I don’t know how I would be able to cope! It is so crazy how the little things in life like an app can be so effective and change your routine so much. If you are also a blogger or hardcore instagrammer then your will realise then it is like having a 24 hour job, and everything is non stop, so having something like an app just to help a tiny bit is a life saver. If you want to find out some of the apps you need to have in your life then keep reading!


I honestly I don’t think I could survive without Pinterest. I am always pinning various stuff, but I find it so helpful for blogging because if I am trying to take photos and I am lacking inspiration I can either search for different layout styles or I will look on my different boards for previous pins I have posted. You can find the prettiest photos on their and all the different variations of flatlay goals on there.


Buffer is an app for the majority of social networking sites, in which you can schedule posts and they will upload throughout the day without you needing wifi. I use this for Twitter because I like to tweet throughout the day to maintain my follower level, however often I have used up all my data or don’t have wifi so I can’t. However with this I schedule all my tweets wither the night before or in the morning so they are done and dusted. It is so quick and easy, and you can also set reminders for when you post your instagram photos so they are up at the same time each day.

Canon Camera Connect

Now this app only applies if you are like me and have a canon camera, however if you do then you need to get this app. This app is similar to the GoPro app, because you can download your photos from your camera straight to your phone within seconds and you can control your camera with you phone. However not all Canon cameras have a wifi setting so you can only do that if it does. I like to use it to see if my photos are blurred (often you can’t tell in detail just on the camera screen) and when I am taking selfies because you can set your camera on a tripod and see if it is placed right.

Google Photos

When taking my photos, I would send them over Facebook from my laptop to my phone so that I could then post them on Instagram, however Facebook kills the quality of your photos. You might not notice it but it does, so that is why I use Google Photos. I can save my photos onto here and the quality isn’t killed.


I think nearly every one I know has this app because the ‘blue tinged retro’ filter is seen all over Instagram. I mostly use this for my personal Instagram account, however when I feel that my photos aren’t light enough I will use this to just up the exposure a little bit. Lots of the dreamy Instagram accounts, with beautiful themes have this app because it has such a wide range of filters that you can’t find on any other app. The plus side is that it is free!

These are just five of the apps I use on an everyday basis. I would have to say that Buffer and Pinterest are the ones that I rely on the heaviest and I would definitely get the if you don’t already have them.

What apps do you find help you the most?


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33 thoughts on “The Best Apps For Bloggers

  1. Omg I do that too with Facebook, I share the photo to my fb in a private folder then save it to my phone. Now you’ve said it the quality is always rubbish, I couldn’t figure out what was happening!! I’m definitely going to try google photo now. Thank you so much for pointing that out. Really helpful tip! love this post.
    Sam 😊

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