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    A few weeks ago USN sent me a load of products to review via the Blogger Programme. If you don’t know then I actually try and go to the gym twice a week and I really enjoy it. So when USN contacted me saying they would like to send me some protein samples then I was super happy because I actually wanted to try some protein items. USN are a brand who specialise in protein shakes, or meal replacement bars and diet plans, and they help you either loose weight, maintain a healthy weight or define muscle by using their product. I just want to disclaim the reason I wanted to try them was because I want to tone my muscles a little and give myself a little after the gym treat which is healthier than coming home and eating rubbish.
    USN sent me 9 products and they were:

    I haven’t used all the products yet because I am saving them to use them over a consistent amount of time, however I also gave some to my brother to try out as he is a big rugby player and sports fan.
    I gave my brother the Diet Whey Shake in Peanut, and the Whey Protein Shake in Chocolate which he loved and he had them after he did rugby training. I also gave him the Toffee Almond Protein Bar because I am not a fan of nuts, but he couldn’t get over how good it tasted and he is going to buy them himself now!
    My favourite has to be the two RTD drinks. RTD stands for Ready To Drink. I loved the Protein Shake one in chocolate because it tasted like Friji milkshake which if you have tried that you will agree that it tastes amazing. I could drink multiple of them in a row. I also liked the Berry Energy Drink and I drank it when I was at the gym. It actually made me feel so good during and after my workout. With some energy drinks I find that they make me more thirsty than I am but this one didn’t.
    I also tried the two Diet bars. I liked the chocolate fudge flavoured one because anything chocolate is going to be yummy of course, the other strawberry cheesecake one was not my favourite however it did fill me up!
    They came really quickly after USN said they had dispatched them, which was really good because the worst thing is waiting ages for products especially when its food!
    I have been debating on doing a whole post based on my workout routine and why I go to the gym so if you wish to post this let me know.
    Have you ever tried any protein shakes?
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    1. 13/03/2017 / 6:01 am

      These sound great! I go to the gym twice a week for 2h at a time, as well as playing sports on a Saturday for 4-7h. I may just give one or two of these a go 🙂

    2. 13/03/2017 / 9:33 pm

      I’d love it if you posted a routine blog at the gym because i also go to the gym too! Loved the post! 😍💖

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