• Mac Brave Lipstick Review

    I took this photo ages ago but I never got around to doing a blog post for it. When I did a Mac splurge ages ago I picked up the lipstick in Brave. I asked on all my social networking accounts what shade I should get because I was ordering it online, and plus I had no clue on what shade I wanted. However loads of people suggested getting Brave, so I added it to my basket and got it. I wasn’t sure what to expect, other than I knew it was a pink shade. I haven’t got very many Mac lipsticks because one, they are slightly pricier than some brands of lipsticks and two, they have so many shades that sometimes it can become over whelming to look at all of them. However I now think I am addicted… Who can’t resist buy Mac lipstick?!
    Brave is a pink lipstick which is a satin lipstick. I obviously was a bit spending happy, as you might call it, because when I was buying it I didn’t realise it was a satin lipstick. I usually don’t go for satin lispticks as I am more of a matte kinda gal, however there is a first time for everything! Brave, as I would describe it it a pink shade which has a glossy shine to it.
    My personal opinion on it is that I like it, however if I were to go back, I probably wouldn’t buy it. This is only due to the fact that for my skin tone, pinks like this don’t really suit me. When swathing it on the back of my had, the colour pay off was really good and it had a definite gloss to it, like you would expect with a satin lipstick. However I didn’t like what it looked like on my lipstick without prepping my lips. If I put my foundation on my lips and had a neutral base then it would look better, however I just don’t think it suits me.
    This doesn’t mean it is a bad lipstick. The formula of all Mac lipsticks are just so creamy and really non drying. This is probably why Mac lipsticks are one of Mac’s most popular and best products. They are really high quality and as I said earlier they have so many shades it is ridiculous.
    I think this lipstick is probably best suited to people with pale skin, or people with a pink undertone to their skin. I have an olivey undertone to my skin which is why I don’t think it suits me very well. Saying this I will still wear it because it is a nice lipstick to wear during the day when you want something on your lips which is more neutral.
    I am sorry for not posting yestersday, I was in London watching rugby. Also the next two weeks for me are really busy so I might not post as frequently but I will try my best! I have my first driving lesson tomorrow, which I am super nervous about, but wish me luck!
    You can find the lipstick here.
    What is your favourite mac lipstick?
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    1. 19/03/2017 / 8:28 pm

      i would love it if you wrote a post walking through your photo taking and editing steps! I love your photos, there are always so bright and clear without looking overexposed. Love it!

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