How I Edit My Blog Post Photos


When I did my blog post about 10 Things I Have Learnt Since Blogging, I mentioned that I had learnt how to edit my blog post and Instagram photos to a better quality than I did before. I actually love editing my photos and I find it so relaxing, especially when I am listening to some James Arthur – which I must say I am obsessed with at the moment!

I got a few requests wanting me to do a blog post n how I edit my photos, what I use etc… I have also been debating including how I edit my Instagram photos however I think that I will do a separate blog post on that because that is also quite long and I can talk about filters in that too.

Throwing it back to the time where I took my photos on my phone, I did not edit my photos…  AT ALL. It actually mortifies me that I never did, but I didn’t see the need for it then. I would send them to myself on Facebook Messenger and then I would just upload them onto my blog. As you can probably imagine, the quality was horrible!

Then I started using my camera to take my photos and I started seeing loads of photo inspiration from other bloggers. This was when I kind of got my butt in gear and I started caring more about my composition of my photos, what backdrops I was using, and the lighting. I also realised that I could edit my photos to make them look sharper or increase the exposure. I didn’t have any big fancy editing software and instead I used a free photo editor online called And at that point in time and for my photos at that point it did a good job. I actually used it up until about November last year.

I tried out a load of online photo editors and I found this one to be the best because you could change the exposure, the highlight or shadows, you could remove spots or you could make collages. It also let you export your photos at a high image quality, where as some sites have a restriction on the size of your image. The best thing… ITS FREE.

However, I found that using sites like that were limited. For example when I increased the sharpness on a photo, it would create a mark around any prominent images in the photo, and it was rather obvious. As I started taking more care into my images, I was like ‘Nah, nah, nah’ and I decided to purchase Photoshop. I would totally recommend getting the trial of Photoshop before you buy it because it is such a complex program that it can be quite overwhelming for some.

I got Photoshop and Lightroom, which cost me I think £108. I started trying out Photoshop however I found it quite complicated. I am quite good with technology and that stuff however I couldn’t even teach myself how to use it. So I tried out Lightroom. I LOVE LIGHTROOM. It is easy to use and you can edit your photos to such great depths. Not only do I edit my blog and Instagram photos with it but I also edit sporting photos which I take on it. You can easily import your photos and export them at a super high quality. Lightroom also allows you to use a brush so you can light or darken any areas in your photos that need sprucing up without changing your whole photo. For example, when I am taking wide-angle shots, sometimes the corners furthest away from the light can be darker than the other parts of the photo, so I will use it to lighten those areas.

I normally have a specific routine for editing my photos with Lightroom, however it also depends on the photo. Usually I will turn the sharpness fully on my photos, and I will also put the exposure up so that the background is white, but isn’t as white as my homepage on my blog. I will also increase the white scale on my images if they are looking yellow from the natural lighting. If there are significant amounts of black items in my photos I will also increase the black scale of my photos, this just makes the black clearer and more predominant. Other than that I don’t really do anything else to edit my photos. I will up the contrast a slight bit if my photo looks a little grey.

If you are a blogging beginner, then I suggest trying because it is so easy to use, however if you are wanting to up your game and splash out a bit of money to get better photos, then I recommend Lightroom.

How do you edit your photos?


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19 thoughts on “How I Edit My Blog Post Photos

  1. Thank you for your helpful post! I’m a very new blogger and have quite a lot to learn about photography but hearing some of your tips is very useful for me to improve my blog. I’ll have to check out Lightroom. Thank you again! Your photos are amazing!

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  2. Thanx for sharing… as a photographer, I have issues with PhotoShop… Expensive and complicated… I learned photography from the old school, when film was still the norm and have since graduated to digital… Today I use ACDSee, much easier and it delivers the same quality… PS is great for designers and for altering images… however, I shoot what I see and if the immediate result is not what I am seeking, then it is of no use to me… the only altering I do are minor lighting, cropping and color adjustments… I will not fall prey, as many have, to a software that offers excuses for being a lousy photographer…

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    1. Yeah I agree with you that Photoshop is expensive and I really struggle using it. However Lightroom is amazing for just adjusting colours, light and sharpening and I love it. I tend to shoot about 50 photos just to get 1 decent one!


  3. It’s so fun to see other people’s processes! I’ve only recently started to pay attention to my photography so I take any help I can get so I love posts like these.

    I use a lot of free software at the minute but I know I’ll have to bite the bullet soon and buy something a bit more professional.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Laura xo

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