• HiSmile Whitening Mouthwash Review

    You might have known that a while ago I actually won a giveaway by the company HiSmile and I won The Royal Peach Palette by Kylie Cosmetics. I was more than shocked because I never thought that any of the Facebook giveaways or YouTube ones actually had winners, let alone that I would win one. When I opened the package I realised that not only did they send me the stunning Kyshadow Palette but they also sent me some of their products.
    They sent me the Coconut Teeth Whitening Mouthwash. I have always been really skeptical about teeth whitening products because you can see all sorts of bad review about them on the internet and the furthest I have been with whitening my teeth was using teeth whitening toothpaste! My mum has used a proper teeth whitening kit before from the dentist and her results were amazing, so it was interesting to try this out and see what it did.
    I completely forgot about taking a before photo and I am still using it so I can’t do an after photo but I have been using it for a while. The box comes with five tubes of the ‘mouthwash‘ and then a tiny little instruction page. It is really simple to use. It says to squirt 1/3 of one tube into your mouth, use normal it like normal mouthwash, then rinse with warm water and then you repeat it every two days or everyday if you have their main teeth whitening kit. I didn’t have the main kit so I used it every other day. I have missed using it the last week or so as I have been away but I will start using it again asap.
    My first initial reaction to it was that I found it really hard to control my gag reflexes. This isn’t anything bad about the product, I just don’t like coconut ha ha! It is sort of a thick paste which once you swish it around in your mouth it becomes more watery. I do it before I brush my teeth because then I can get rid of the coconut flavour with my tooth paste but I think this might have affected my results because effectively you are brushing off the product you just put on.
    The amazing thing about this product is that it isn’t harmful on your gums. Some tooth whitening products can contain some nasty ingredients which can damage and break down your gums, however this only contains coconut oil and bicarbonate of soda. The coconut oil actually helps protect and strengthen your gums and the bicarb whitens them.
    I think you would get better results using this with the main teeth whitening kit they sell, and in my case if you did it right, however I have seen a subtle change in the colour of my teeth. They have become less yellow since I have been using it. It is also good to use for your teeth because like any mouthwash it gets rid of any bits of food you couldn’t get rid of when brushing your teeth.
    It says to use a third of one tube each time however that was quite a lot and so I just normally used either a 1/5 or a 1/4 of the tube. I would recommend this to people looking at purchasing any teeth whitening products because I can safely say form experience that they are good products and are not harmful.
    You can find the product here.
    Have you ever heard of HiSmile before?
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    1. 31/03/2017 / 10:27 pm

      I’ve been thinking about teeth whitening products for a while, but I’m always too scared because I don’t want to hurt my teeth, but it’s good to know that this product isn’t harsh and doesn’t hurt your gums because I’m always super worried about that too! And I actually love coconut, so I feel like this might be a good product for me to try out! Thanks for sharing, Emily! 😊

      • 03/04/2017 / 7:03 pm

        Always check with you dentist first though! Your welcome!

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