My Pamper Sesh Routine


I personally think it is so important to at least once a week take some time out from your busy schedule, even if it half an hour before you go to bed, to just stop stressing and relax. I cannot stress enough how important it actually is because I know if I didn’t I would go insane! At the moment I am busy revision for AS exams which are creeping up so quickly (this is why I have a little distance from blogging or social media stalking recently) and I can already feel the stress bubbling up. I know thousands of students are with me on this, whether it is fro GCSE’s, AS Level, A Level or university! Or even if you are not a student it is still important just to take a break.

People can find themselves having a breather from whatever is happening in different ways. For example loads of people like using those adult colouring books you can buy, some people find exercise as a stress release and some are like me who like to have their own little pamper sesh.

Sometimes when I have myself a little pamper treat I go the full works: Face Masks *DONE*, Bath *DONE*, Nails *DONE* etc… or sometimes if I am feeling extra lazy I will just have a bath and put on some of my fave YouTubers. I don’t really stick to one pamper routine, however I am going to share with you the one I do the most often.

As you can tell from my photo the main and first thing I will do is run myself a long awaited bath and I will always added either a bubble bar or bath bomb from Lush. After I took this photo I popped in the ‘Shoot For The Stars‘ bath bomb from Lush, which I can’t link because it was from their Christmas range. Yes… I know it is a Christmas bath bomb and it is now April but I have a loadddd still left over.

If I remember I will light a candle as well and pop it on the side but I am notorious for not lighting candles. I have so many but majority of them don’t get used and then I will pass them onto other people as gifts. I love a good bath I do and I will always watch either some YouTube (I like watching Zoella’s videos in the bath because they are perfect bathing lengths) or something on BBC iPlayer that I need to catch up on.

After a bath I will smother myself in some body lotion because I always forget to do it after a shower. At the moment I am using the Dove Body Lotion Summer Glow Fair which is a moisturizer but also has the smallest amount of fake tan in it so after using it multiple times it gives you an even a natural bronzed look.

Then, because I usually do this whole routine when I know I am not going out anywhere I will take my makeup off. I won’t go through the whole routine as it will take an age and I will d a separate blog post on it. Basically I just take it off with a makeup wipe, exfoliate my skin, use a cleanser and then squirt on my toning water. I also like to take this time to pluck my eyebrows. I rarely pluck my eyebrows so I am trying to get myself into a routine where I pluck my eyebrows whilst having a little pamper session.

If I have longer, whilst in the bath or after I take my makeup off I might apply a face mask and paint my nails. It depends what mood I am in to paint my nails because sometimes I can just find it so laborious!

This is a whistle-stop tour of my pamper routine.

What do you do in your pamper routine?


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6 thoughts on “My Pamper Sesh Routine

  1. Good luck with your AS exams! I am currently completing my final undergraduate exams and I agree that taking time to pamper yourself is super important at this time of year. I wish my flat had a bath ; that bath bomb looks amazing haha xD

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