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    This post is well over due, and when I say that I mean about two or three months over due, however I just want to let you know how bloomin’ amazing the weather has been today. Like honestly, for the past few hours I have been sat outside in the sun reading a book (yes… actually reading for once) and I am now writing this post sat outside and I have got tan lines! How insane is that for the UK in April!!
    Anyway, the reason why this post is very overdue is because a few months ago I think, I became a brand ambassador for a jewellery company called Libby May London. How crazy is that?! Me? An ambassador for a brand! If you keep an eye on my blog you probably would have noticed because on the side bar there is a link to their website and a discount code!
    I will give you a run down of Libby May first though. Libby May London is a UK based Jewellery company that opened last year and do accessories like rings, bracelets and necklaces which might I say are all gorgeous. I actually came in to contact with them via The Blogger Programme and the ball started rolling from there. Now I am an ambassador for their company alongside some amazing girls. We are all part of a Facebook group and its so lovely to experience others ideas and opinions on new and upcoming jewellery.
    As part of being an ambassador, you get to be in the Facebook Group which the lovely Libby May girls post jewellery ideas and themes, and they sometimes host giveaways too. One of which I happened to win. So, I got sent the ever so pretty Wishbone Sparkle Ring. Isn’t it just stunning!? I have had so many compliments from it because it just sparkles so well in good lighting.
    It also came in the cutest box ever which was tied up all nicely in a bow which I wished I have photographed as well. They have some stunning products on their site, all reasonably priced too considering the quality of them. It is made out of sterling silver (I think) so if it becomes a little grubby it is easy to clean with some silver polish. Heidi and Hannah who organise the ambassadors and work at Libby May are absolutely amazing too and are so friendly.
    I want to say thank you to Libby May for sending me this!
    You can find the main website here.
    You can also find the ring I have here.
    For any other beauty or fashion bloggers out there you can also apply to be a brand ambassador on their website.
    What is your favourite piece of jewellery?
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    1. 07/04/2017 / 5:48 pm

      Yay, SO pleased you like it and yes, it’s absolutely sterling silver. Enjoy your ring… it looks great! xx

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