5 Mistakes You’re Doing With Makeup Brushes


We can all watch endless amounts of YouTube videos and then think we know all the tips to give us flawless makeup however we never really get told about what we are doing wrong with our makeup brushes. We can make plenty of mistakes when doing our makeup, like putting too much mascara on or messing up eyeliner (because who doesn’t do that?) but you can make mistakes using your tools without even knowing.

I just want to point out the B-E-A-UTIFUL makeup brushes in the photo from Spectrum Brushes and what girl wouldn’t dream of having these?!

1. You are not wiping excess concealer off your brush and onto your hand.

This step only applies if you use a cream concealers. When covering up dark circles you might think using a heavy cream concealer is perfect and getting rid of those panda eyes, however it will make your life so much easier to apply if you put it onto the back of your hand first. This allows the cream to warm up from your body heat making application much smoother. You will also get better results!

2. When using a makeup sponge you swipping your foundation in to blend, not dabbing.

That seemed like the weirdest sentence I have ever written on my blog… But it is true! When using a beauty blender if you swipe it across your face t blend in your foundation it will make your base look streaky and you will have patches with more coverage. By dabbing you are giving your foundation an even application.

3. You are using too big of a bronzer or contour brush.

This point is pretty self explanatory because if you are using too big of a brush to apply your bronzer or contour you end up looking like you have done a really bad job at fake tan. You don’t get any accuracy and if you want to blend it out you don’t have anywhere to blend it.

4. You are using too much pressure when applying blush.

Blusher is all about giving a natural flushed look, just to add a bit of colour to your face. But if you apply it with some force all the pigment will come off in one go leaving you with the classic sunburn cheek look. You just need to tap any excess powder off your brush and lightly swipe it across the apples of your cheeks. Not to mention that applying it with pressure can damage the bristles on your brush making it shed. No-one wants shedding brushes!

5. You aren’t using enough brushes.

This is probably one of the most common mistakes because people are often too intimidated by all the brushes out there, or they don’t get chance to buy any etc… and even I admit I have a favourite brush which I take with me everywhere. However in the long run if you want the best results with your makeup it is best to do your research in all the different makeup brushes and go out and splash a little bit of cash.

What is your favourite makeup brush of all time?


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14 thoughts on “5 Mistakes You’re Doing With Makeup Brushes

  1. Such a helpful blog post! I’ve actually been prefering beauty blenders/sponges over makeup brushes lately, they are so good! But I love Real Technquie eyeshadow brushes, they blend even the most pigmented eyeshadows so well! Xx

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