Why Having A Hair Care Routine Is Important


I used to be the laziest person when it came to washing my hair because my hair is so thick. Yes lots of people have thick hair but my hair is legit so thick which can be good because who doesn’t want voluminous hair, however it makes everything you do with your hair a thousand times hard and longer. When I have shorter hair it isn’t too bad, however when my hair is longer I will have to take an hour out of my day just to wash and dry it.

Even curling my hair is hard as I have to do it in such small sections which then takes ages because there is so much of it. I will only curl it on a one off occasion. I am also pretty lucky because my hair grows relatively quickly because I can cut it up to my shoulders and within nine months or less it would have grown back to my waist. I never straighten my hair either because it is naturally dead straight however it gets SO BORING. I would love to have tight corkscrew curled hair naturally.

In the photo is the old conditioner I used to use which might I say I loved. I used the matching shampoo too and I could go without washing my hair for three days and it not looking greasy which I thought was pretty impressive. It made my hair feel super soft and I loved it. However I recently changed my shampoo and conditioner because it is recommend that you change every so often as it is considered better for your hair. Although since I changed my hair has never been worse. It gets greasy, like really greasy, on only the second day after washing it and it makes my hair feel like it is sticking to my neck.

This has made me realise why it is so important to stick to a good and healthy routine for your hair because changing your routine can mess it up, as I have now realised. Your hair is such a delicate thing, especially if you have thin hair, so taking care of it on a daily basis is crucial. It can be little things that make a difference too.

I have thought of the best ways, in my opinion, to keep your hair looking fabulous. Make sure you don’t wash your hair everyday. This can get rid of any natural oils in your hair and make your hair greasier! ‘But Emily my hair will just look awful if I don’t wash it everyday’… Beauty comes with pain and getting yourself out of a routine can be hard but the sooner you do it the better and the results will come quickly.

Every few washes let your hair dry naturally. This tip really depends on what type of hair you have because my is so thick that I can’t do this. My hair takes hours… nearly a whole day to dry naturally! Hence why I don’t dot this option, however if you can then I recommend it because it you can let your hair strengthen without damaging your hair from the heat.

Finally, find a product that suits your hair best. It can be really daunting standing in the isle in the shop with all the shampoos and conditioners just staring at you however it is all about experimenting and getting a product that gives you the best results.

What is your hair care routine?


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27 thoughts on “Why Having A Hair Care Routine Is Important

  1. My hair is thick, not as thick as it was pre-kids. But it does take forever for me to dry my hair still. With 2 kids I have to schedule a do. Otherwise 1/2 if not almost all day my hair is air drying. Wish I could get into a routine with my tresses. One day i will again.

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  2. I’m exactly the same when it comes to washing my hair. It is so crazy thick and long that I need hours to wash, dry and style it. I totally agree about having a good routine – mine hasn’t changed for 2 years now. I use Aussie shampoo and because I use heat on my hair a lot I use a Toni & Guy Reconstruction mask which I swear by! xxx

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  3. Hi Emily love your blog is so much I have be following you every since you have post you blog and just let u know have subscribe to your youtube channel and also have channel too feel subscribe to me if you like so support each other

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  4. I know exactly what you’re referring to when you mention the being bored while curling your hair! Loved the tip about letting it air dry; I air dry my hair everyday after I shower at night and it styles so much better and looks so much healthier.

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  5. I am trying so hard to not wash my hair every day but I am finding it sooo hard – but you’re deffo right it’s not good for the hair x

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  6. I’m kind of the opposite, I have to change up my products regularly as I find that my hair gets used to products so easily, and a shampoo that worked really well for me, six weeks later it might do nothing!
    I find as long as I’m just looking after my hair in general, using a good hair oil etc then that’s the routine that works for me, but can’t stick to specific products year round!

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