Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation


I ran out of my foundation the other day, which I was quite shocked at because it doesn’t seem long ago I got a new one, nut I thought I would try something a little different. I have used the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer before and I really liked it because I found it to have good coverage in the areas that I needed it, and I still use it today. I only use it though when I have a bit of a tan because it is a little bit dark for my skin.

I picked up the shade in the shade 100 Ivory and I didn’t really know what to expect from it because I hadn’t read up on any reviews about it before hand. I like the packaging as it has a pump making it hygienic and easy to use, especially if you are travelling.

The whole idea around this foundation is that it is meant to revive your skin and give it a healthy glow without it being too heavy or cakey on the skin. It is also got anti-fatigue factors in it which helps seem like you had a good nights worth of beauty sleep!

When I tried this out I was surprised about the consistency of it because it was much thicker than any other foundation I had every tried. I reminded me a lot of my BB cream and in some ways it is a good thing because it is slightly quicker to blend into the skin, but it can also be considered a bad thing because you then can’t layer it if you want to because it will seem heavy on your face.

I wanted to get it in a darker shade because summer is coming up and my foundation before was too light, however I think I went too dark as I do look a bit orange with it however that is my own fault. It had a medium coverage because it covers the main blemishes on your face if you have any, but you would definitely need concealer under the eyes to complete your look, which you wouldn’t necessarily need if you had a full coverage foundation.

I did like how it covered up my dry skin on my forehead and it didn’t cling to it unlike some foundations I have tried in the past. However if you have oily skin this foundation is not for you because I found that after applying it is was quite oily and I used a matte powder on top of it.

This foundation is going to be really good for summer because it contains SPF 20 in it which means your skin will be protected in the sun and you can still wear your makeup!

You can find the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation here. 

Have you ever tried this foundation?


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22 thoughts on “Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

  1. Ooh, I’ve been thinking about buying this for myself and stumbled on your review! Glad I read this, I’ll definitely be giving it a go now. Great blog too! x

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  2. I’ve never tried this one but I have the Rimmel Lasting finish, which also has an amazing formula. Unfortunatelly I can’t wear it too often now because it’s not my perfect match. Followed you on Instagam, lovely photos ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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