No7 Skin Illuminator


I thought I would shake up the photography game today, still keeping my pink theme of course, but I thought this was cool. I ran out of my MAC Prep + Prime the other day and I was having a panic because I had no primer left and I didn’t want to use my moisturizer as that is way to heavy to use as a primer. So I had a look through my drawers and I found this little gem! I wasn’t even sure whether it would do the right job but I tried it out. It turns out this was actually my Mums (Sorry Mum for taking it) and it is a little sample she received after she bought her foundation and a lipstick.

I did not know what to expect at all considering it was really out of the blue trying this product, however I was pleasantly surprised. When you look at it from the tube, it looks more like a liquid eyeshadow because it is like a gold liquid, however for a sample I thought it was a reasonably sized product! You can get it in two different shades, Nude and Bronze depending on your skin tone.

I used this before putting my foundation on, and I found I have to use a little more product than I would normal use for a primer because it is quite thick in consistency, and because of this it too a little longer to dry, however it didn’t feel heavy on my skin. Because of this I really liked the consistency and it made my skin feel soft. It gave my skin a really healthy glow and I felt like it gave me a really natural radiance to my complexion. This might be due to the gold shimmer in the product, and it primed my face really well.

I was finding myself put this on my face on days I wasn’t wearing makeup because it and me look more awake and look fresh. You need to make sure you blend it well because as it is a gold product you will have gold patches on your face if you don’t blend it.

I have found this to be really good on my skin too. Lately I have been blessed by the skin gods and my skin is pretty good, which I would like to point out is rather unusual for me, however it has worked wonders on my dry skin and I feel like it helped conceal it and protect it well from my foundation.

You could also use this product as a natural highlight on your cheekbones and in the inner corner of your eye. It won’t be as pigmented as powder highlighter but I tried it out and it gave me a natural shimmer which I actually got complimented on!

It is £12.50 for the full sized product from Boots and I think this is really good value considering you can get multiple uses out of it.

You can find the No7 Skin Illuminator here.

What primer do you use?


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19 thoughts on “No7 Skin Illuminator

  1. Might try this one out! It looks really fresh and natural 💕
    Just found your blog today and I’m completely taken in. Following to keep up with your future content!
Stop by sometime!
Mena ✨

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